Are incursion fleets less common than before?

I remember the Valhalla Project running incursions 24/7, but the waiting list site states there are no fleets up currently. Is TVP dead, or the frequency is down, what’s the deal?

Seems like it.
I just came back to the game and was hoping to get a couple hundred milion to fund a PLEX, but TVPs channel is dead (20p online…) so…

If anyone could enlighten us about what happen we would be much appreciated. I’m sure there’s some kind of story behind it, there always is in EVE!


not really looking too hard in MERs incursion income drop about 3 trillion less than usual

my half educated guess is you see that difference less ppl are running em and new ppl aren’t there.


So what do people do to get ISK reliably? I know it wasn’t the most fun activity in EVE, but you could always rely on it for some quick ISK were you in need of it to get a PLEX! PLEX prices seem to have risen quite a lot too…

Monthly economic report

CCP decided Null sec needs to be carebear land you want to grind isk effortlessly best and safest way is null sec nova days.

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Since when can NullSec be a carebear kindergarden?! Wtf… You used to have to think twice about what you were flying in null and carefully plan your trip…

Gotta go read about those changes!

This is so correct!

And there is 0 risk,
Just keep your eyes on local chat!

is down
But I’m not saying Eve is dying

it’s dying

You can see the server population has also dropped…
Although less than I expected at start.
The reason is Chinese migration. If u fly around in game you will notice that!
CCP doesn’t care you or me leave… Chinese will replace us and trust me, these guys invest alot $$ into the games they play.

CCP, good move!

Warp To Me is still alive, slow fleet, but at least you still get isk :slight_smile:

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