How about implement solo sites/complexes?

last couple of days i see tons of players in areas that they normally are not in, systems that have 5 or 7 players suddenly have 30. Thanks to them wanting to be in high sec now to run sites, i got called a carebear causei do not think when you have implemented a site…and have actually started it that others players should be able to come in and finish it/take your rewards by whacking certain ships before you can
yet this person who normally is in low sec or high sec…decided to come high cause its safer for him?..and yet im the carebear for doing in an areai am normally in…exactly what they are doing…running sites??

how about if someone starts a site then it is blocked from players who are not teamed with that person?

@A_lan_Wolf needs a permanent ban CCP.

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Even better, we need all content in EVE to be instanced. That way it would be impossible to grief anyone by competing with them for profit in an open economy.

you are not a wolf
you are a 3 legged pug


whats wrong with 3 legged pugs:/

also:maybe ian’s like me and plays solo in EDH/O, though while i have measly 2bil over there, making 500k-1m/h with a venture or dragoon(i dont do data sites after my frig was blown to bits by… who knows what), and not being able to find relic sites /sadface, my main source kreds is the fun…ish and also numbing mining life with the venture(why arent more mining options available to alphas?)

You know, I’m a reviled high sec carebear in a four person corp of RL friends, and even I’m going, “Whuuu?” to this guy.

Dude, it’s dangerous out there. It’s also competitive. Get better at competing or find another game that might suit you better. It’s kind of an easy thing to see.

nothing wrong
but they are not wolves


The problem with High sec Exploration is the fact they dumbed down the whole mechanics yrs ago so that 1 day old noobs in herons etc could scan them down easy and ninja the loot. They also blocked a lot of ships from entering certain sites too so you either have to keep switching ships or fly shitier ones or leave them for the newbs.

A few years back this was just occasional ninja looting and recently returning to the game its beyond a joke now.

I’d love for them to remove the signature from space/scanner on entering the site. It would also stop the waisted time scanning it down to find out its already been looted or half looted.

Oh noes then Id just need to scan the ship down instead.

Yeah I’d rather you had to scan down x number of ships before you found me.

What is X derived from?

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Carebears are asking for more restrictions on interplayer competition. News at eleven.


at first glance one assumes an acceleration gate means an instance, or a wormhole mean-*finds multiple battleships ready to murder you(personally havent seen them on the other side except at other sites, while frantically scanning for a wormhole that hopefully sends me home:3)

NO. Elite is your game then. You can chose to play solo, with friends you invite, with certain guests you invite or anyone for PvP. Bye… OH, before you go, can I have your stuff?


I’m guessing the number of ships on your dscan once you’ve narrowed that down a bit. For most competent hunters that’s going to be like 1. 2 at most

Edit. I am not a competent hunter so ymmv


Id love the first guy though to come up with a reason why Id have to scan a miner 12 AU away from him before I can scan him down that isnt “Because Im afraid and dont know how to avoid bad stuff happening”

I’m not going to pretend to understand the modern I do not want interaction in my open world sandbox game attitude that’s becoming more prevalent in Eve.

I’ll be over here dying in my non instanced site because I forgot to keep an eye on local. That’s just Eve

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At this point CCP should just make eve offline, where care bears get an entire copy of tq to themselves.


Stop caring about what others call you in EVE. They are just random internet people. Grow a thicker skin and do your thing.

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