FW Good Ideas Checklist

*Does proposed feature include ideas about PvE modules that are required to be fit to complete FW objectives?
Yes? Scrap.
No. Good.

Explanation: Any module that is required necessitates a change in a ship’s layout, must compromise the fitting of the ship in question, and has the potential to shift the meta towards ships which can afford the absence of a pvp module in its place or minimize the effect that this module would otherwise have in negatively impacting the full potential or viability of the ship in question.

Result: If it is a high slot module (entosis), ships like the Atron, drone dmg ships like the Algos, and assault frigates will be used. On top of this, all fw pilots will be placed at a disadvantage against neutrals that have no such requirement to gimp their fit. If it is a mid (hacking or analyzer), armor ships will be prevalent over shield in ships destroyer and below, and cruisers also to a lesser degree, or gimped shield fits. In short: PvE modules is a bad idea if you want to encourage pvp at its best. To reiterate, nothing PvE that acts as an obstacle or condition can improve PvP in Eve, because the PvE has and will always call for efficiency fits that are not congruent with the PvP meta.

*Do proposed changes require a rework/redesign of the entire system? Guaranteeing that we will get nothing for another year.

*Does it encourage more farming or more Pvp? Does it reward PvP over farming? Does it bring rewards and penalties into balance, which would encourage commitment and dedication towards respective factions?

If we want them to mean anything, it must stand alone with PvP activity and bashing hubs. Remove rank promotions from mission turn-in’s. The fact that you can become a general in one day of hard missioning, a purely PvE activity, defeats the purpose of any special recognition, item or condition that can currently be introduced to reward high ranking pilots. Any rewards considered for bashing hubs should qualify only for pilots that have contributed more than 1% of the total damage towards the destruction on the infrastructure hub, but those doing less should still show up on the kill report.

(I removed a statement that followed the brief ideas checklist after some feedback. I realize it was off-topic and will reserve it for a separate post.)

I dont agree with the module bit or the person who had the idea of putting a deployable done putting a cap on how many people can enter the plex, I would rather Stabs be turned off while in a plex and the Venture not be allowed inside plexes at all.

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Someone said something about positive warp core strength not being able to activate the beacon, but it would have to be a ship check so it doesn’t keep another pilot from running it. Somewhat like the cloak changes.

I don’t think they’ll eliminate stabbed farmers ( this thought has been recycled over a million times ), and you can catch them if you dedicate your fit to the task.

I’m not in FW anymore - got called to the Yarside, but one thing that I do feel needs to change is (and I hate to say this cuz the more red flashy’s the better) is if a non-FW players enters your plex - you shouldn’t loose sec status if you aggress them.

I think it’s something CCP should do for FW.

This 2 has been proposed and reproposed, maybe at some point it’ll be cosidered. Then again, maybe all is as intended. :slight_smile:

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One thing I want to see happen is for missions to actually matter. Then at least the non roleplayers will have no excuse to complain about lowbies doing missions. I hated that.

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I’m fine with using stabs to farm a site…its just part of the strategy of isk making…I do think ventures should not be allowed to gain LP because it is not a traditional combat ship…

Capturing large complexes should contribute more towards system control. At the moment a fleet of frigates capturing novices and smalls will capture a system faster than a fleet of cruisers going for mediums and larges. What happened to risk vs reward…

LP donations for FW tiers. Why should my LP benefit a FW farmer who certainly isn’t going to be donating their LP to keep the systems upgraded, since they will switch sides as soon as our tier drops.

You should gain benefits for your FW rank, however ranks should take commitment to get the higher levels. Also if you switch sides your positive rank in one faction should mean you start at a negative level in the opposing faction

A lot of the times, Ganoes, people have multiple toons sitting on both sides ready to farm high tier. Just log off with one and log back with another.
If we identify where most of the rewards are, then we can possibly bring them into balance in another way. What we don’t want is a single group controlling the rewards or changes that cripple our gains rather than balancing them towards pvp’ers.

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