FW Militia Standing

For my proposal i like to start with the definition what a militia is:

“a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.”
This definition is taken from the oxford languages. In other words a militia is a military unit. Within a military unit traitors would be punished.

I’d love to see a player driven solution to this problem, but i couldn’t think of any that could work. Especially since the militia system seems to be exploited by one alliance in particular.

What’s the problem i am talking about:
Friendlies shooting friendlies without consequences. There is no consequence in shooting a friendly pilot from the same militia. Since the militia is a non player driven entity there can’t be a player driven solution.
Solution i’ve heard are:

  • warp off, run away … so basicly dont play the game
  • shoot him on sight … that means i am becoming a traitor and start shooting friendlies

I would like to propose a system that allows players to the game they want to, but also give a minimum a saftey through the militia standings:

My suggestions:
Implement a militia standing system.
Militia standing always starts at 0, just like corp standing.
Missions and sites increase that standing by a small amount, maye a large site gives about +0.1.
Killing an enemy pilot shouldnt grant any standing, since this will lead to abuse of the system … people will create and slaughter alpha accounts.
Killing a friendly militia pilot will result in a loss of standing, a big loss, at least -1.0
Attacking an ally (who shoot first) will inflict a standing loss of -0.2
Why is it such a big hit: because in a military unit traitors shouldn’t be tolerated.

Following things should happen according to your militia standing:

-2.0: get expelled from the militia, be traited as a pilot of the opposing militia
-1.1 to -1.9: no more rewards from sites, players of your militia can freely shoot you
-0.1 to -1.0: no more rewards from sites
0.0: everything is fine, we love you
1.0 - 10.0: i think of some sort of titles and increasing payout for LP. Maybe discounts for shopping in the lp store or special skins for example for reaching 7.0 in standing.

Once you’re expelled from the militia this char wont have the ability to join again.
In the end this system is supposed to hurt.
I would even go as far as giving player corporation where a player behaves like a traitor will also be marked as traitors since they offer them a home. This way there might be a playdriven solution to the problem of friendlies shooting friendlies.

In my oppinion even one hostile action against an ally should be punished and we can’t punish those in fw.

Please let me know your thoughts about that and how an alternative solution to this problem could look like.

Greetings and fly safe

Getting tired of Frat, are you? :innocent:

You could always find someone at war with them and offer to be their ally, then Frat are war targets and thus free to shoot with zero penalty from the faction.

But that’s just a work around to the real problem, shooting people you’re supposed to be working with.