[FXPM] Fatalix Prime - Helping You Navigate the Great Expanse of New Eden

Are you a new or returning pilot who finds your time in Eve and the great expanse of New Eden daunting or intimidating? Are you overwhelmed with the never ending list of activities to do and don’t know where to begin? Are you looking to relearn and experience New Eden again? Well look no further! Fatalix Prime has been developed by a group of experienced players looking to help grow and assist new and returning players alike by engaging in PvE, PvP, Industry, but most of all, Community.

So, what’s the hype? Being apart of a community is great, but that’s not where it stops! Fatalix Prime, being apart of Fatalix Syndicate, has much to offer:

*Active Discord
*Wiki full of useful information
*Orca Fleet Boosts
*High Sec Moon Mining
*Buyback Program
*Zero Tax
*PVE and PVP Fleets / Classes
*SRP (Ship Replacement Program) to help you with some ship losses
*Non-mandatory Activities

If you have stuck with me this long, you’re probably wondering how to get in contact with us. Just pick one, or all, of the following methods, tells us how you heard about us, and say hello!:

In-game Corporation: Fatalix Prime
In-game channel: FXSYN Public
Eve Mail to: Rimboon Andadere, Inara Neukso
Public Discord: http://discord.fatalix.com

See you soon and, as always, fly safe o7,

 - *The Fatalix Prime recruiting team*
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Recruitment is still open!

Fatalix Prime recruitment is still open! Come join an experienced group of capsuleers to help you navigate through the vast expanse of New Eden!

Recruiting is still open! Come join us for a new beginning!