Galactic Arms Incorporated is looking for miners and industrialsts

Do you enjoy mining? Do you like to build space ships? And would you like to be part of a great community? Then Galactic Arms Incorperated is the corp you want to join.

We are located in a nice highsec pocket in The Forge. We run daily (ice) mining fleets with orca support. Have a buy back program if you don’t want to go all the way to jita. We have our own athanor for moon mining and refining.

Furthermore we have 3 corp activities each week that can be whatever you like, mining, pve and pvp.

We are new player friendly and help you get your feet on the ground with mining and industry, we have a great community to learn or just hang out with.

Does this sounds like a corperation you want to join? Look us up in game.

o7 and fly safe

Still looking for more members, just look us up in game.

If you are out there mining solo, come and join us and mine together

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