Galactic Pet Trading, Industry, L4 Security and nice people

Hello there!

We are a small and new corporation and we are looking for our first members! Veterans and new players are all welcome!

At our core, we prioritize creating a supportive environment where members can pursue their in-game passions while balancing their responsibilities outside of EVE.

Our main ingame activities include mining, PvE (L4 missions and C3/C4 combat sites) and manufacturing of various items with the corporation BPO library!

What we offer:

  • L4 Security missions
  • Mining ops with boost
  • Ore and other materials buyback!
  • Free starter ships
  • Helpful members!

Get in contact with us through the ingame channel, our discord or sending an EVE mail.

Public channel: GalacticPetTradingPublic



Fly safe! o7

Time for a boost! Come join our public channel for a chat: GalacticPetTradingPublic

We’re an ever growing corp with a great bunch of core guys. Want a family and a decent corp to join? Look no further!

Time for our post-boost!

It’s Saturday so come and join our public channel for a chat.