Galaxus Industries (Mining/Industry/Exploration)

Galaxus Industries is an international mining and industry corporation. Our mission is to provide ore, minerals, ships, and modules that power industry in EVE.

We value:

  1. Real-life first attitude. (Work schedules, families, playtime on weekends)
  2. Relaxing styles of play in EVE
  3. Consistency

We offer:

  • Discord voice-chat
  • Weekly mining operations
  • Orca boosts
  • Alliance moon mining
  • In-depth payment system based on ships, skills, modules, and implants used and time invested

Our goals are:

  1. To recruit new members
  2. To begin cooperative manufacturing
  3. To recruit directors for France, UK, and China departments in GAXUS

Nice to see new start up corporations.
But i can say this with cirtainty - this vision of yours is allready made through other corporations. (quite a few actully)
Why not band togehter?

There are so many corporations that do the same thing and have the exactly the same idea. Would it not be better if you all band into a big corporation/ alliance?

Yeah that’d be pretty cool except I like to set the goals for the group. I’m not opposed to cooperating with other corps later. There is something special about a new, small, corp. Quality over quantity I suppose.

Hello Tycho,

Would you have time and patience to teach me how to mine etc. I used to play a little back in 2010 and have now resurrected my character. However, I seem to have completely forgotten how to play.

I currently have a few ships scattered around the place and I’m currently located in Amarr.

Feel free to contact me.

Best regards

Ursula Grunge

Sure, Ursula! We’re located in Gallente. We’d love to have you aboard.

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