[USA/UK] Galaxus Industries

Galaxus Industries is an international mining and industry corporation. Our mission is to provide ore, minerals, ships, and modules that power industry in EVE.

We value:

  1. Real-life first attitude. (Respect to work schedules, families, playtime on weekends)
  2. Relaxing styles of play in EVE

We offer:

  • Discord voice-chat https://discord.gg/k2H3xzp
  • Weekly mining operations
  • Orca boosts
  • Alliance moon mining
    *Freight service
  • In-depth payment system based on ship fits, skills/implants, and time invested

Our goal is to offer all aspects of industry, trade, and exploration to players from all over the world. We are departmentalized and seeking bilingual directors to recruit a diverse membership.

GAXUS USA - Director position available
GAXUS UK - Director position available
GAXUS France - Position de directeur disponible

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