Galaxy Pack for new account not activated?


I have created a new account and bought the 50% discount galaxay pack for that account.
I can see the purchase have been confirmed and can also see it in my transaction history.
But that account has not been upgraded to Omega and there is also nothing to redeem,

Anyone have any idea why?

Sometimes it takes an hour or two for the charge to go through and for them to upgrade your account.

Give it a couple hours.

Is there any items in the redeemable section of your account?

Its already been 2½ hours since I made the purchase and no there is nothing in the redeemable section

wow it actually just upgraded… how wierd… :slight_smile:
Sorry for the question

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Again, it takes a couple hours for it to be authorized and upgraded. Depending on where you are, it may take longer. Usually wait 3-4 hours, 12 hours at most and it should be okay.

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