[GalFed] A Statement of Condemnation of the so-called "Gallentia Primacy"

Yeah, and what’s the ratio of them to the State?

A culture grows with a people. The Caldari State has experienced more trials and change than the people left on Caldari Prime, and I for one think we’ve grown a lot from it. Our culture is one of excellence, honor, and striving to be the best in what we do. Is there honor in living under the flag of a nation that came close to wiping you out when you disobeyed them?

I mean, listen to Adams there: ‘the only true aspect of Tailler’s virulence is that the future will belong to the Gallente’. The man’s been reprogrammed. He claims he identifies as a Caldari, but then speaks of the ascendancy of the Gallente. Not the Federation, the Gallente. He lost his honor when he turned traitor and killed his former compatriots, but he’s even lost his self-respect as Caldari at this point.

Tell me Arrendis, what do you think of the Ammatar? Do they have honor? Are you proud of these descendants of your Tribes?


The “Gallentia Primacy” political party has a fleet of warships ? Crewed by ex-Navy veterans ? That’s… not a political party, that’s an insurrection ? The start of a civil war in the Federation ?


Irrelevant. The State doesn’t have the right to invalidate their lived experience as Caldari, living in the way traditional Caldari lived.

Nor does the State have the right to invalidate Adams’ experience as a Caldari. You can say he’s a piss-poor Caldari, but he remains Caldari.

I think they’re a tragic, cautionary tale. Many of their leadership, we’ve learned, started off trying to use appeasement and supplication as a way to protect their people and the few Starkmanir who weren’t on Starkman Prime. But you can’t maintain that level of secrecy and keep the masses in the know. Do I think the Ammatar have honor? Some, in their way. It’s not the same kind of honor, or same matters of honor, that the Tribes espouse (including the restored Nefantar), but there is a kind of honor there.

Am I proud of them? The Starkmanir live, so I’m proud of some of them, and of the Nefantar. The rest… I pity. Because they weren’t traitors or self-serving cowards. They were martyrs, in their way, sacrificed on the altar of necessity.

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It is relevant, because the State is our culture. To be Caldari is to be a part of the State, in one way or another. Many born of Civire or Deteis exist in the cluster, but if they are not part of the State, they are not Caldari. Likewise, there are Gallente, Amarr, Intaki, Achura, even people of the Minmatar tribes who are Caldari, whereas the Guristas are certainly not.

I’ve grown up in this culture my entire life, take it from me when I say that bloodlines are more important to you than they are to us. Here, culture is paramount. Our culture is based on the Raata Empire, but we do not identify as the Raata Empire. Our homeworld is Caldari Prime, but we do not live there. To BE Caldari is a mindset. A system of living. An ethos. There is no Caldari race, there is a Caldari people. And a part of that is dedication to one’s family, one’s Corporation, and one’s State. Lived experiences mean nothing when you no longer hold those allegiances. One can say the Deteis and Civire living on Caldari Prime are a gray area, because they’re a lot more likely to be welcomed back in given how close they are to our way of life, but that would require dedications to the State that would overrule any they had to the Federation. Adams isn’t a Caldari, he’s a Deteis. Simple as that.

Your view of the Nefantar reinforce it. You still view them as Minmatar, even if their actions really pushed them away from the other Tribes. The Guristas, though, can never be Caldari, no matter where they came from or who they were. They are traitors of the worst kind to us.

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You seem to be misunderstanding what an identity represents. A person’s identity is how they define and express themselves. You cannot define that for them. That entirely misses the point.

There are more Caldari in this cluster than those who pledge their souls to the State’s megacorporations Kitaula. What you define as Caldari is really just your opinion of what you want Caldari to be, and this is instead better defined as State-Aligned Caldari. However, the State is not the end all be all of the Caldari people. As much as I’m sure it upsets you, there exist many Caldari of other mindsets. Caldari who follow the same Raata cultures, hold the same religious beliefs, and carry the same pride and community bonds as those Caldari in the State do. They are just as Caldari as you are, and have every right to call themselves as such. To otherwise cast them out, for their differences in political opinion or refusal to participate in the State’s mono-cultural society? That to me sounds ironically ultra-nationalist. Your mindset is not far from those of the Gallentia Primacy.


How exactly is a recognition of the fact that being Caldari is a cultural identity, one that can include peoples from all across New Eden as long as they embrace it and live their lives by it, in any way similar to U-Nat rhetoric?

U-Nats like the Gallentia Primacy are ethnonationalists and Gallente supremacists. That is the exact opposite of what the Caldari believe. Those that hold U-Nat adjacent beliefs belong in the ranks of groups such as the Dragonaurs, Guristas.

Adams can delude himself and pretend he is Caldari as much as I can claim to be the Empress of the Amarr. In the end of the day, though, if society does not recognize such a belief, and the person claiming such an identity does not live their life according to it, it is worthless. Just a shallow delusion existing exclusively in their heads.


I would really like some clarification on whether this “Gallentia Primacy” organisation owns a fleet of warships.

It is similar in mindset. A mindset that those who do not adhere to the Status Quo be rejected and cast aside. For U-Nats, that was Gallente Ethnicity, or racism. In The State’s case, it is culturalism. If you do not adhere and fall in line, you are discarded. You are socially outcast, are stripped of your citizenship, and stripped of rights. This is the State-Aligned Caldari way that yourself and Kituala have been lead to believe is the only Caldari way. But the Caldari people and culture existed long before The State Megacorporations hijacked it. There are plenty of Caldari identity who do not live under the CEP’s thumb, who are not rejected by Federation society nor those who identify as Caldari alongside them. We do not reject them. Only you and your State do.

Commander Edward Adams is just as Caldari as you are. You may hate that, but it’s true.


Bit lacking in self-awareness there, aren’t you?

If you’re going to oversimplify and be that lenient with your definitions, then consider that placing the Federation under that same scrutiny, it’s just as susceptible to being “Not far from the Gallentia Primacy”.

I get that in the Federation, valuing individuality and embracing one’s uniqueness is a big deal. It’s what propels some individuals to pursue such excesses, as long as it doesn’t disrupt the government’s stability and imperialist goals. But not all aspects of identity are solely about self-declaration. Some, like being a fan of a certain artist or sports team, fit that bill. You only need to “identify” as a “fan” to make it valid.

Then there are intrinsic parts of identity that can’t be changed, like age or ethnicity. These are clear examples.

Lastly, there are more complex facets of identity, which can be changed intentionally, but require more than personal self-identification to be truly valid. Professions, many religions, and yes, even being Caldari fall into this category. You can take on a certain job, adopt a religion, or become Caldari, but these come with expectations about behavior and conduct.

Sure, you could argue that there’s some room for accepted variation. Caldari aren’t a homogenous mass of automatons, after all. The definition of being Caldari can differ from person to person, from corporation to corporation, and from Megacorporation to Megacorporation. But at its core, there are principles that define Caldari identity:

Loyalty to the Corporation.

Respect for the Family.

Service to the State.

Adams isn’t just a traitor and a coward; he’s a member of the FDU. He’s willfully chosen to tarnish his hands with the blood of his supposed people, his fellow corporation members, his Family. You can’t argue that his reprehensible way of life aligns in any distorted manner with these fundamental principles. There’s no room for interpretation here.


Hah! Ok. I’ve decided that I’m a Sebiestor. I expect all the recognition and respect from the Republic and the Sebiestor tribe that anyone born into the Tribe would receive. What’s that? No, I have no intention to marry into the Tribe, and I don’t have any interest in the spiritual beliefs of the Tribe either. And the culture? Nah, that really doesn’t jive with me. I might get one of their tattoos though, some of those are kinda neat. Maybe I could have a different one for each clone I’ve got? And you know what? Ive converted to the Amarrian religion as well! Sudden divine inspiration, what can I say. But their books are so stuffy and boring, I might get someone to rewrite them later for me into something more fun. But hey, I’m a true believer now. I’m just as legitimate as anyone else.

And if you think any if that sounded sane, then you’re insane.

I don’t know why you seem to think that delusional people identifying with something they aren’t angers me. It doesn’t; they don’t matter, I don’t think about them, and if I meet one, I pity them. Emilia, there are nine trillion Caldari in the State. Do you think there are nine trillion Civire and Deteis in the Federation? The Republic? Or maybe you’re talking about the Guristas? Do you think they’re Caldari? I’m sorry but no, these “State-Aligned Caldari” are THE Caldari. The most numerous, the most powerful, and the most influential in our culture.

The problem here is that neither of you seem to be capable of accepting the fact that the Caldari people and culture can exist outside of the State’s bubble of influence, and outside of your narrow minded view of it. Your inability to see this actually explains so many of The State’s issues as a whole, but it is clear to me that getting you to reach this understanding isn’t going to happen. I don’t intend to drag this out any further.


Another Gallente, out to prove to the world that they’re right and everyone else is wrong. So tied to your ideas that you can’t abide people not sharing them.

On the topic of the thread, I actually agree with Adams on this! These “Gallentia Primacy” crazies should be opposed at every opportunity. If there’s anything we should want, it’s the Federation to start cleaning up it’s own mess. Usually it just sweeps it under the rug. But the rug is getting really, really full.


Do they really or is the greater threat from the United Response Act?

Welcome back, by the way.

Well written. There is no place for nationalism within our borders. The Caldari are our brothers and sisters, we should be seeking to heal the broken bonds of the past and move into a future of unity and respect, integration and parties.


We can maybe discuss things like ethnicity, heritage, culture, and people’s complex thoughts and feelings about those, but this statement right here is just eyeroll-worthy. If one day, hypothetically, over the course of human events, you’d find yourself in, say, Lai Dai uniform, ID and employment papers in pocket, actively shooting at FDU, and trying to claim “well I’m just as Gallente as I was before…”

… how many of your compatriots do you realistically expect to believe you?


You have made this point, twice now.

If your thoughts on the actual topic are limited to, “good luck”, perhaps twice is enough.

Generally, it would be courteous if citizens of the State could tolerate discussion of issues relating to the Federation in this forum without brigading their hostility. Everyone knows how patriotic you all are already.

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Congratulations, you’ve just described State culture. But Caldari culture existed before the State.

The State is your Culture, but the State is not the only Caldari culture. The Caldari on Caldari Prime (funny place for them, right?) had a distinctly Caldari culture long before they or the Gallente developed spaceflight. There was Civire culture, there was Deteis culture, and then there was the shared, common elements of those that was Caldari culture. They retained that distinctly Caldari culture even as they and the Gallente formed the precursor to the Federation. And they retained a distinctly Caldari culture—the same one from before, no less—when other Caldari, having been forced to abandon their home in the face of Gallente brutality and war crimes, re-organized themselves into a new Caldari culture.

Both cultures are legitimately “Caldari”. One is simply the culture of the Caldari State.

My view of the Nefantar is that they are among the Tribes, because they have chosen to the rejoin the Tribes. The Ammatar are not. The Ammatar are still of Minmatar blood, but they no longer have a Minmatar culture, and that’s not the winning statement you think it is. In fact, that’s a problem for you. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

There are tens of thousands of Minmatar cultures, as each Clan has its own culture, it’s own traditions, its own ways. The commonalities between the Clans of Sebiestor form the culture of the Sebiestor Tribe. The cultural commonalities between the Tribes of the Republic can be said to form the culture of the Minmatar Republic.

Were the Thukker somehow not Minmatar before they rejoined the Republic a decade or so ago? Was their culture, which remains basically unchanged between then and now, somehow less Minmatar than it is now? Obviously not.

Now, I said you ran into problems with the Ammatar, and I feel like that needs further explanation, so… here it is: … The Ammatar chose to change their cultural practices. I’m not saying thy did it gleefully and happily, I’m not saying it was their preferred option… but they did, because circumstances forced it. So, in your comparison of Republic v Ammatar and State v Old Caldari?

You are the Ammatar.

You are the group who abandoned your culture to adopt a new one. Or rather, to adopt many new ones, because let’s keep in mind: the different Megacorporations have slightly different cultures. The culture of the Caldari State exists where those corporate cultures overlap, in the commonalities… just as the old Caldari culture existed in the commonalities of the Deteis and Civire cultures of Home, and Minmatar culture exists in the commonalities of the Tribal cultures, themselves existing in the commonalities of the Clan cultures.


By that logic, we also know how much Edward feels the need to display his love for his newly chosen nation, as well as his exceeding moral character, so the entire thread is superfluous; it’s main virtue is then the (clearly still badly needed) opportunity to disabuse certain people of some utterly wrongheaded notions.

Make you a deal: get people to stop these harebrained takes, I won’t have to respond to them, peace and quiet all around.

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Its virtue is inviting a discussion of Gallentia Primacy.

That is a current matter and (other than in this report, which is not open for discussion) is not a topic which has been raised in this forum.

An ultranationalist resurgence in the Federation is an important matter, one I would expect State citizens to be concerned about rather than flippant.

EDIT: Gallentia Primacy, not Gallentia Supremacy, my mistake.

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It is rather interesting to see my fellow citizen take more umbrage with a single capsuleer’s claim of citizenry than a rising tide ultranationalist in the Federation.

Only one of those things actually effects our State on a tangible and assuredly negative way.