Gallente Alpha/newbie friendly PVP corp: Villore Accords Pioneers

(Justin Vallar) #1

We don’t care how many skillpoints you have. We don’t care if you’ve never hurt a butterfly before in your life. If you are thirsty for combat, if you yearn to become a lethal weapon of destruction against your fellow pilots, join the Villore Accords Pioneers.

Join in-game chat channel “Pioneers Public” to talk to our recruitment directors.

You will be allowed to join Villore Accords fleets and work with the greater Gallente Militia. Frigates and destroyers will be provided to you. We will teach you how to fly these ships for maximum cost effectiveness. We will not waste your time. We will not waste your money. We will make you the best pilot you can be.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.

Fly True. Fly Free. Fly with the Pioneers.

Alliance Killboards

(Wub Thecook) #2

First joined GMVA in 2013 and have never thought about going anywhere else. Great fleets and greater bunch of guys!

(Justin Vallar) #3

Recruitment is kicking off strong in our first week, five guys brought in, more to come! Come hang out and learn how to pvp in the crucible of lowsec.

(Justin Vallar) #4

Doing a training fleet tonight. Want to catch up on our training program? Come join. Catch our video from last weekend here.

(Justin Vallar) #5

Reupping this week :slight_smile: just promoted our first squad of pilots. Recruiting more!

(Wub Thecook) #6

Bump. Looking for loads more dudes, bother EUTZ and USTZ! Alphas welcome with major fleet ops to participate in and fun drunk fleets. The best apt of course is my company! Join now!

(Wub Thecook) #7

Bumparoony. Come join GMVA and meet the funniest (and most humble) engineer in the USA!

(Wub Thecook) #8

Bumparoo, join GMVA pioneers and meet a solid alliance of bros you will love for life!