Gallente interdictor buff

Good afternoon!
In the title you have already saw, what I’m going to write about here…
The story is, that I’m going to have Interdictors at lvl5 in a few days, so i have decided to have a close look at all 4 of them…
I would like to bring everybody’s attension (at least try) that the Eris (Gallente interdictor) is much worse than the others. In my opinion he is definately deserves the buff!

Quick overview of the others (how i see them):

  1. Sabre - has very limited options in fitting arty cannons, however it has best speed and great tanking abilities. May use both passive and active tank + enough meds to be self efficient pvp ship.

  2. Flycatcher - it has relativley limited firepower, because imao there are no pwg/cpu to fit light missiles and there is only 1 low slow, but it has good speed + good tanking abilities as well, because of the 5 meds.

  3. Heretic - with 3 meds and 3 lows there are pretty much options to use. The firepower is medium. If passive buffer tank is used, the speed is pretty slow, however there is a bonus for armor resist, so the tanking abilities are perfect.

Here is what the problem of the Eris:

  1. It has initialy lowest speed of all… Yes, Eris also has the lowest mass, but it is not helping at all :frowning:
  2. There is a limited tanking ability, because of the “Explosive hole” in the resist. However, if it is fixed and passive tank is fitted it becomes very very slow
  3. The active tanking cann’t be used well, because there are only 2 meds
  4. The firepower is not very bad… But with the optimal range bonus, i guess, railguns supposed to be used. However, with pwg/cpu the ship has, only smallest 75mm railguns may be fitted, but their damage is low, so magnetic field stabilizer is obligatory. But ok… The damage is not what we need from the interdictor, so it is less important.

I would like to ask GMs and developers team to take a look at the Eris, and makes some changes to it, please.

My personal wish is + 1 Med slot…

Thank you for attention!


Eris really needs more CPU. Fitting anything that resembles a decent tank along with some utilisation of the damage bonuses is near impossible. Like OP stated, a rail kite fight is also very hard to fit.

Its not a good ship due to fitting mainly, followed by slot layout.


+1 Med slot - get it done CCP! :wink:

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The who?

As far as I know the sabre is the only interdictor destroyer in the game.

The flycatcher could trade a high slot with a low slot and needs 75% fitting bonus for rocket and light missile launchers.

The Heretic could trade a high slot with a mid slot and needs 75% fitting bonus for light missiles and rocket launchers.

The Eris needs powergrid and also could trade a high with a mid slot, so you can fit ion blasters at least.

Or air conditions need a fitting increase, so the smallest also needs 12 powergrid like all the other small guns do.





The other 3 aren’t real interdictors like the Leviathan isn’t a real Titan.

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Hypothetically speaking, does Eve truly need 4 strong Interdictors?


I think so.


I would argue the only reason a flycatcher exists is to poke sabre pilots into submission.

However I wish the Flycatcher could fit a t2 damage control and a ballistic control. A sabre can fit 250000000 km artilleriey, a covert ops cloak, a doomdsay device, 6 capital shield extenders, 400 bubble launchers and 6 combat probe launchers at once and has 700000 powergrid and 6000 cpu left.


There is only one normal interdictor - Sabre. Compared to Sabre’s abilities, others look like pieces of a junk(((
I’m not able to understand the reasons for such poor balance and efficiency.
Of course, i hope that devs will fix it. However, my experience tells me, that my post here is the last thing they will put attention on :((

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yeah sucks that the flycatcher only gets an EM hole

because you need mids to active tank

what’s scram kiting am i right?

you seem to be asking to balance a ship you don’t even know how to fly based on your limited ability to theory craft

the gal dic is not great as a standard bubbler true but it is amazing to use once you stop trying to fit it into that box. now if a dic was bad at being a bubbler simply because it was bad at it then yes there would be a problem but that’s not the case. simply bubbling is a very optimized role so there will always be a best and worst one for it

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