Game freezes in the Zazamye lowsec system

i was flying through Zazamye lowsec system.
game became frozen.
screen is kind of “white” and caption says (Not Responding)
does not react on mouse keyboard.
i am near gate on lowsec system. (which is kinda dangerous)
tried to restart game,
tried to restart computer,
tried to wait downtime.
tried “validate clean cache”.

nothing works. i start the game, it shows me near gate and game is getting frozen.

other 2 persons from that same account work well (they are in the other systems)


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From the launcher click the cogwheel top right
go to tools/cache
select shared cache
click verify and let that run

See if that helps.


In that case I have no idea other than do a full reinstall or perhaps check if you have outdated video drivers. Beyond that leave the character logged out for now and create a support request explaining the issue and asking if the character can be moved to hopefully (temporarily) solve the issue.

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Can someone help me please?
my game doesn’t come in anymore!
start charging and go out alone
I have already re-installed but to no avail :frowning:

This is your best bet, OP. GMs can move the affected character to a neighboring system and then you can try logging that character in again.

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Bro Zane Carbin already gave you your best option, you probably have bad cached data.

Run the files verification routine inside the launcher.

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i am logged in…
frozen game…
waiting for someone to kill me…

evil orange dramiel came in…
game is unfrozen now…
i have no shield 50% of armor…
jumping into gate…



Thank you very much
I managed to get in :slight_smile:

You are experiencing CCP’s new test on player bounty rework, specifically involving player “jail”.

Please leave your feedback on how much fun this is…

–Dr. Gadget

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No appreciation for humor any more.

–Disappointed Gadget


Try buying a standup comedy permit next time to avoid such issues. :upside_down_face:

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Your posts are totally offtopic and do not help a player in need, he’s not expressing an ideia or opinion he’s expressing a concrete problem.

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Then the pilot is in the wrong forum, aren’t they?

For personal help, they should make a ticket, or try the tech area.

However, I didn’t interfere - or post - until the poster’s situation was cleared up…

–Gadget Explains

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