Game Killing Decisions made by CareBear CCP


Four wars maximum? CCP… you are trash.

Wait, since when can you only declare 4 wars? Can you check that it’s real and not just step 1 out of 4? I am looking at groups that currently has 15 and 7 wars declared and did so recently.


I have suggested numerous times to limit wars to a small number for entities without structures, if it is that then CCP have finally realised.


I think it’s only : Declare War ( step 1 of 4 )

I do agree with that tho


That would be nice. It would make wars viable again for me.

But we can’t have nice things. So it will probably turn out to be something extremely dumb. But since they can’t cripple them anymore for me at least I hardly care anymore.


Yeah, but it is likely step 1/4 as @Snowflake_Sally has suggested above.

I think that war deckers killed war decs in the main, if only blanket war decs had not become a thing, grumble grumble etc…

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CCP foolishly trying to change a game mechanic to force a certain outcome is what killed wardecs for most people. There where enough ideas around to actually fix it CCP ignored it all and went for the lazy band aid instead of actually investing time. You really feel the priorities the devs have and how they regard highsec.

I’m not up to date on what is going on, but if I had to guess I would say the people who used to “abuse” wardecs found other ways to do so and the only players who had the feature removed as a viable game play option where players who didn’t actually “abuse” it.

So apparently CCP Rattatti has stated he wants to give the stick and no carrot to the players

Mechanics are changed due to people abusing them, as I said many times in the past those people that decided to apply blanket war decs that are just farming exercises are the people who are most to blame.

Changing the balance of the game so loss means something is actually a good aim in terms of Eve, but in doing this it will lose a lot of players and leave only the most committed still playing. Personally I just can’t be bothered to jump through a zillion hoops to do anything in Eve any more. So I have gone from being a committed player to be totally not interested, I think that is worrying in itself.


IBL of this trash thread.

tldr you dont actually want to fight in your wars. CCP is doing nothing for the bears btw. Like nothing.

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That is just really a dumb excuse for trashing the gameplay of people who had nothing to do with the wardec spam corps. More so because it didn’t even do something to address the real problem.


It’s not limited. It’s just step 1 of the 4 steps.


Limiting the number of wars an entity can start and have active would have been the best solution, back then. But that was too simple I guess.

I was always in agreement that the best play was a committed war decker going against people who were up for a bit of fun and games, I saw it happen too. However so many times a resistance was rewarded with multiple war deckers dog piling on because they had something to shoot and destroying the corp or alliance in the process.

I had an exchange with a war decker which went like this.

Why did you war dec us, you are not in the same TZ as the main group of us that know what we are doing.

  • We decked you because we saw that you tried to fight back.

This happened after we jumped in to a war dec to remove a POS in Niarja. This guy did not even check the TZ of the entity that he war decked. It mattered so little to him, but it would have been important if war decs had been limited in number.

I never understood this, all I heard from war deckers is we will just create alt corps. And the simple way to deal with this is to link aggressive wars to the character… and they follow him for a week.


eve will not die
the eve you like will
the last month on this forum proved it to me :frowning:

safra ruim


If someone wants to multibox several accounts in different corps that have different wars going, sure. But that would be a case against multiboxing as a concept, not so much a case against the idea of limiting the number of wars per group. It would still take far more effort and be far more risky as the different characters can’t support each other.

If you limit the number of wars an entity can start&have active then the big powerful groups can’t just spam dec everyone any more, they will have to start cherry picking based on how worthwhile a dec would be and that would mean that corps that aren’t exactly above average would never get decced by the massive groups that control the hubs and pipes. They’d only really have to worry about solo or small groups deccing them and, unlike those massive groups, those they could handle (assuming they’re not lazy and have a clue).

Apart from that a solo or small group wardec generally has far more interaction with their adversaries and it tends to be far more personal which is an overall “better” way of doing things in EVE. Massive groups with 50 wars sitting still on the Jita undock blapping random reds is not exactly engaging or interesting, for either side.


If only CCP invented a game mechanic that let entire corps sign up to fight other corps.
HTFU. Adapt-- all that stuff we tell others – it applies here too.

Who said I did not adapt? That doesn’t mean I somehow have to keep my mouth shut about directions the game took I think are completely stupid. Do you understand that difference?


I don’t think they should limit wardecs. What they should do is make cost inversely proportional to the target entity size vs your entity size.

If your large and dec a small group it should cost an arm and a leg but you can still do it. If your small and dec a large donut group it should be almost free.