Game logs

Where can (if at all) one find game logs on a Win10 machine? Esp. damage dealt/received messages popping up on the screen during fight.

I think in your user EvE directory (not at my PC atm), not in install directory. They are definitely saved, used to look at those quite often to figure out what happened.

Well, this is assuming you want to go through old logs.

If you want to adjust what shows up on your screen, or see the combat log in game, you can find it through like the neocom, and then utilities (iirc).

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Was my line of thought, too, but didn’t prove true. Thankfully @Shipwreck_Jones showed the right direction.

Is it in Markdown, or?
Struggling to get it properly rendered somehow… Can’t guess what the right approach would be. Any guidance will be much appreciated :pray:

Okay, what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Make the log prettily displayed with formatting defined in HTML-like looking tags applied as intended, tags themselves not visible. Changing file extension to HTML and opening in browser doesn’t help (probably because at least some of the tags are not valid HTML)

I don’t know how to make it display pretty in web browser. I did a google search and tried 3 different suggestions with no luck. I have no idea why. Perhaps someone from the 3rd party dev section of the forums could say what’s going on, but I’d recommend checking out combat log analyzers first.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about them to be able to recommend a good one, and I was never able to find one that could give me an incoming damage profile (i.e. the damage profile of entire NPC fleets that do a mix of damage types). So I had to paste my logs into excel, use the “text to columns” tool to break each line into individual cells, and then manually delete irrelevant rows and columns to get the data into a workable format. It took me like 3 hours to do, but it worked. So, depending on your needs, you might have to come up with your own solution (or pay someone isk to make a better combat log analyzer).

Yes, thanks a lot for your involvement, really. I was following about the same route. Found this analyzer, too. It is great in its own way. What I needed is detailed incremental history of engagement to see what action each party taken, in what sequence, to what effect, exactly. Not generalized stats. Preferably visually clear, easy to view and comprehend. And, yes, upon some manual cleaning, it became reasonably readable. But I wonder what kind of tags they use, what version of HTML or what is it? What is the best way to process this data? There are tags like “color” for example which are not listed as valid HTML tags in W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) documentation. And they are not rendered properly by a browser, of course.

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