LogViewer (especially for combat logs)

Eve saves log files to different locations depending on the OS.

The Logs have a strange format, like:

[ 2021.07.29 19:04:13 ] (notify) Please wait...
[ 2021.07.29 19:04:15 ] (combat) <color=0xff00ffff><b>120</b> <color=0x77ffffff><font size=10>to</font> <b><color=0xffffffff>XXX (Damavik)</b><font size=10><color=0x77ffffff> - Caldari Navy Nova Rocket - Hits

Is there any tool to:

  • render the output of these logs in a readable manner?
  • open OLD log files in the eve client?


Combat Log Analyzer 1

Combat Log Analyzer 2

Combat log locations

Unfortunately, they might not do everything that you want them to do. For example, I once wanted a breakdown of an NPC fleet’s damage profile. So, I had to copy my log into excel, delete irrelevant entries, break the log entries up into individual columns (iirc, I used the text to columns function), and only then could I do the necessary math.

Regardless, good luck.
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