Log and Message viewer?

Is there any way to load a specific Gamelog file into the Log and Message viewer utility?

all game logs are saved locally to your PC afaik.

In windows it’s generally drive/documents/EVE/logs/gamelogs for logs/messages,/chatlogs for chat windows, /fleet windows for broadcast history and loot history and /marketlogs for your wallet if i’m not mistaken.

hope this helps.

I know that.

But the files are full of game time stamps and HTML code. The Utilities->Log and Message Viewer interprets all that in a nice screen BUT only for the most current log. I have a prior log that I want to be able to read.

You could have a spreadsheet (or web app) made where you copy-paste the log into, and then REGEX the data to return what your looking for.

Just seems like the game as a good log viewer but no way to import a specific log file.

What’s the point of the game saving multiple versions of logs if it will only show the most current? :roll_eyes:

Could be an improvement suggestion for the developers :wink:

Not a bad idea.

I also have ticket in to see if there’s something I missed.

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