Help with the Log and Messages Utility and showing damage type

I was using the Log and Messages to see what I seemed to be doing wrong and what was damaging me, but I noticed this log does not seem to list the type of damage when shown? The PvE enemy shows a damage number in red but does not show an icon or description of what damage type. And when I was damaging the PvE enemy it shows a damage number in cyan color but also does not have an icon or say what kind of damage type? Is there a way to get this information?

Does the games log actually provide specific damage type information?

the popup in your screen when fighting shows damage number, plus icons for type.
the type of damage is not in the logs, but you can find info on what damage types every NPC does via google from various sources - including the one linked above this post

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OK so what I am getting is the logs we can read in game provide NO actual damage type of information at all? Correct?

I think outside of the fitting window no. There is no infon on damage type dealt during combat.

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If using missiles/rockets you should know what damage type you are using or hitting the enemies with.

Knowing the enemy in the logs you should be able to extrapolate the damage type that is hitting you. Which you see that in game as you are being hit

the icons next to the number are your only indications for damage type, shown here as a mix of thermal and kinetic.
Make sure “Weapon Type” and “Hit Quality” are checked in the Messages in Space section of the Logs and Messages window.

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