The New damage type icons

any one know if the new damage type icons reprecent the dmg distribution of the dmg ? highest from left to right or is it just random placed in there
i might be ■■■■ at finding stuff in the patch note but i couldnt find it in there


I think they do. I got hit by a couple of Guristas today and the lines showed both icons for Thermal and Kinetic for the Railgun hits and only Kinetic for the missile hits.

The icons were introduced before the August patch but I cannot find a mention in neither July nor Into The Abyss patch notes. In either case, a kind of nice addition to the UI.


That was not his question. That’s the obvious… in fact it seems to me that Thermal always shows left of Kinetic, but Guristas always deal more Kinetic than Thermal.

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It’s a good question. I’m also curious about this thing and I’m trying to figure it.

Due to my observations, the icons always spawns in a order: thermal, kinetic, explosive and em. All my damage types, which I was able to perform, has the same power order. I’m not sure if this order is true for NPCs.

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