Detailed log info? What's hitting me? Damage type?

I have had two recent occasions (including today) to want to know what is hitting me, what damage type, what amount, etc. I could have sworn that this info was available in the past. Perhaps I have forgotten how to access it?

I’ve got ‘log and messages’ pulled up under accessories, but it doesn’t give me the info I want. Is there a way to configure this, or is there something else?

Is this info available?

First, you want to join the in game “HELP” channel.
You can ask all the questions about such things there.
Usually there are players there that will answer/help you.

Second, if you are talking about NPC mobs, then google “Damage Type”. you will find a list of NPC mobs and the types of damage that they do.

Also, you can check Game Logs in “Document / EVE / Gamelogs” find the date you’re interested in.

That is called combat log.

The logs only list the name of the weapon or the name of the missile/bomb, for turrets its mostly simple to tell what damage types unless its minmatar, and the missile/bomb name will tell you what damage type it was

Well, its a bit easier to tell for armor tankers using a reactive hardener to look down and see what the resist spread is after a couple cycles of hits on the armor and be pretty close to correct even for those Minmatar turrets that can be loaded with all sorts of ammo types.

Npc logs most don’t give you the weapon e.g… Just the npc name. And not all npcs do exactly the damage types of the overall ratio. So you can’t rely on a specific npc matching the npc damage table.
The combat log does need more information in it. Since to get information via the log you have to go and get shot at.

Believe it or not there are both visual and auditory clues to the damage types you are taking. Of course there is a level of common Sense involved as well.

Lasers do EM/Therm. The crystal color will indicate range and ratio of damage but I think it’s nearly always more EM than Therm.

For hybrids it’s split between Thermal/Kinetic usually at a 60/40 or 40/60 balance. Generally speaking the closer range ammo will do more thermal over kinetic with longer range ammo types doing more kinetic over thermal. If someone is in close chances are they are wailing on you with short range ammo this thermal. If they are out further be it mid range blasters or sniping rails then it’s more kinetic damage.

Projectiles are a bit more complex shorter range ammo can do mostly either therm, explosive, or em, mid range ammo types will do mostly kinetic and explosive and longer range ammo types will mostly do em, explosive or Kinetic. If someone is shooting you with autocannons and hanging out at a good distance than they are most likely using explosive ammo. ACs almost always go short range ammo preloaded.

For missiles you would think it’s hard to tell since all four types can be fired but in truth it’s the easiest in the world to determine. Each missile leaves risdual graphic behind depending on damage types

EM - Blue sparks
Therm - Orange flames
Kinetic - Grey/Blue shockwave with the shockwave being the most apparent visual
Explosive - Yellow gaseous explosive cloud.

The trick is to know your ammo types, know what someone typically will use at the distance they are at and watch your ship for visual clues being shown to you. With that in mind you can pretty much guess what damage type is hitting you.


Npc damage doesn’t follow the rules properly in all cases.

Lol it actually does in fact NPC targets will hit you at a 200% more predictably than player targets will. Guristas? Guess what they are using…could it be kinda/therm? How about serpentis? Oh they are therm/kin. If it’s not one of the 5 pirate factions or 4 empire factions then they are doing Omni damage and split their damage equally among the types such as sleepers or drones…but again my point is if you know your target you know what’s hitting you.

It is found in the Neocom under “accessories”.


Unless it’s one of the exceptions to the rules in the faction. Of which a number exist, hence why asking for more detail in the logs is a reasonable request.

Well I’m getting hit by the guristas from the event right now, and if anything it is either the yellow explosive gaseous cloud, or the thermal (can’t tell which), but it isn’t any grey blue shockwave.

It is a yellow grey cloud in the event. But in my log it shows they are hitting me with Scourge Rockets, and Scourge Cruise Missiles. Which are kinetic.

They don’t give you the weapon if its a turret no, but NPC damage types are pretty easy, they still tell you what missiles are bing fired at you, the reason for the missing info on NPC weapon types is because they don’t actually have weapons fitted, they do a specific amount of DPS in a specific type

I’m actually more interested in what PvP damage is being done to me. I’ve lost 2 ships in PvP the last couple of days and would like to know more about how they are beating me.

reactive armor hardener is sitting at 60% kinetic , so mostly kinetic probably some thermal from them as well .

In addition to the “log and messages” roll, make sure you check settings under that module and set the following:

Image Here

Far as I know, that’s as good as it gets.

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