Combat log ambiguity, how to resolve it?

Say, in a fight between two players, both using drones of the same type. How does one analyse the combat log records to see who’s drone did damage to whose drone when the log reads:

[ ] (combat) <color=0xff00ffff><b>787</b> <color=0x77ffffff><font size=10>to</font> <b><color=0xffffffff>Caldari Navy Wasp</b><font size=10><color=0x77ffffff> - Caldari Navy Wasp - Penetrates

Did I hit their drone, or, did I hit one of my own drones with one of my other drones? When I hit a drone with one of my other weapons (guns/missiles etc) how do I know whether it’s one of my drones or my opponents?
So, a follow-up question is; how can I see damage done to my drones?

Is there a document that explains the meaning of these log entries and the conditions on which they are made? What is the difference between the various verbs used to describe the types of hits/misses? Do they fall into brackets, say % of possible damage?

In addition, the damage notification messages that appear within the UI (usually upper middle) show the damage type, but the combat log does not appear to hold this information. Is there a way of getting this to show in the log?

^ Does the color of the text indicate the damage type?

I’d think the verbs work similarly to those described here.

[ 2021.11.05 17:59:52 ] (combat) <color=0xff00ffff><b>63</b> <color=0x77ffffff><font size=10>to</font> <b><color=0xffffffff>Infester Alvi</b><font size=10><color=0x77ffffff> - Mjolnir Light Missile - Hits
[ 2021.11.05 17:59:54 ] (combat) <color=0xff00ffff><b>57</b> <color=0x77ffffff><font size=10>to</font> <b><color=0xffffffff>Infester Alvi</b><font size=10><color=0x77ffffff> - Inferno Light Missile - Hits

I don’t see how damage type could be retrieved from those two previous lines, other than identifying the source. Here: mjolnir vs. inferno. Would be the same for drones. I can’t check at the moment, but I think matters would be more complicated for projectile turrets.

[ 2021.11.03 13:12:08 ] (combat) <color=0xff00ffff><b>42</b> <color=0x77ffffff><font size=10>to</font> <b><color=0xffffffff>Tower Sentry Drone I</b><font size=10><color=0x77ffffff> - Hornet I - Penetrates
[ 2021.11.03 13:12:10 ] (combat) <color=0xff00ffff><b>65</b> <color=0x77ffffff><font size=10>to</font> <b><color=0xffffffff>Tower Sentry Drone I</b><font size=10><color=0x77ffffff> - Hobgoblin I - Smashes

Yup, same for drones.

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