Game not loading after last night's outage

I’ve never had an issue logging into the game, but after the server down last night, I’ve been unable to get the game to start. I have it through Steam but always use the Eve Online Launcher to launch the game. I select next to my characters name as always and it says it’s adding it to the launch queue, but then never launches. I’ve restarted my computer and heck, even my internet (knowing that wasn’t going to solve anything)
Again, everything worked before the outage last night. I tried even right after it came back up, but after it wouldn’t work (and seeing thousands of players back online) I decided to go to bed and try again. Still nothing.
Anyone else have this issue, or a possible resolution?

Oh, not that it should matter, but I have an Omega level account. Making it worse, as I’m paying! Hah :stuck_out_tongue:

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