Game Population Statistics?

What average game population size do you see? New player here, curious about the most common or an average player population size? Only been playing a few days, and I have seen numbers between 19,000 and 30,000. But I don’t know if these are normal average numbers or not?

Can anyone point me to a website or app or similar that tracks or lists average or maximum population numbers for the game?

Similar, but for different reasons, I’m curious to find out what the max population of all time for the game is? Anyone know? What is the most number of players active in the game of all time for the history of the game?

Current record: 65 303
Max 24h: 36 636

You can play with the stats and check graphs for all time.

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Epic! 65 thousand players. Dang!

Wonder… what will it take to boost the population back up to those kinds of numbers again?

Don’t know about that, but I remember when skill injectors were released, Jita peaked at 3600 people. Never seen it so crowded.

Still, on weekends we reach near 40k people online. But 60k+ I don’t think we’ll see such numbers anytime soon…

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It’s no longer about people, it’s about accounts. I can’t find it atm unfortunately, but there was an industry interview with CCP’s CEO where he commented on still somewhat tracking humans but the metrics having shifted to accounts as baseline / emphasis.

I think it should be pointed out that the active player count is a little deceptive in terms of actual “active” players.

I am having a hard time coming up with a good way to phrase it, but here it is:

Because EVE is an international game there are thousands of players who are active, but it is not their particular “prime time” (see: they are asleep, at work/school/etc).

A better way to see what the true “active” player count would be to “cut up the clock” into 8 different “zones” (3 hours out of 24) and then average the player count over the course of a week or two between each 3 hour segments.


For clarity, in my original post the numbers I referenced were numbers as indicated on the launcher in the bottom right corner. So I guess technically that’s the server population being listed there?

CCP must allow usage of botting programs. Those were not players, those were bots. After bots were cleared, population went to somewhat 27-29 thousands max untill citadels were implemented and botting programs reworked. Than china server came here to play with us, so we broke 40 thousands peak number again. Reasonable estimation is about 17893 human online at most populated time zone, many of them running 5-30 accounts simultaniosely. Worst days were new year 2015, when 9466 unique IP adresses have to multibox hard to get peak numbers at least to 18 thousands. It was a nightmare. Now china guys do the hard job, easely multitasking 50-70 bots so the rest of us can enjoy the game…

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