Playerbase/player count by country/location?

I’ve been searching the internet without success. Would love to see some chart for how many players are from where. Do we have this information available?

Found old forum post that was taken from an old forum post.
Updated statistics available anywhere?


Judging from EDU that number has not improved.

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I guess the numbers today aren’t very different.

Based on timezone popularity and what I know from the people in my alliance there are no surprises in that list.

There is just one number I expect to be higher than in the linked list: China. I’m very surprised it’s not mentioned at all and part of the ‘other 9.05%’, considering that there are more than few chinese corporations, as well as the majority of Fraternity.

Was this old list made in a time that Chinese players still largely played on the Chinese server and not on Tranquility? Or do they use VPNs?

It’s likely that CCP is sensitive to the fact that Chinese gamers can only legally play games that have been specifically authorized by the Chinese government. There are many workarounds available but CCP would be unlikely to make a target of itself by advertising it’s Chinese customers.

Also the workarounds used would often make it harder to identify accounts as originating from China.


Nice find. I had asked a similar question a while back on the forums years ago and never got an answer.

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You are not going to see such a chart, because the real players numbers do not mat match with what the launch screen shows us. All a big scam.

Yea, the real player numbers are considerably higher than the online numbers, because the majority of EVE players isn’t online all day.