Traditional Chinese Petition

Now the server 中国玩家每天的同时在线人数,大约有 5000多人,而且还有很多人打算进驻游戏的,但是因为语言问题,很多人被拦截在了游戏外面。中国的EVE服务器,因为时区问题,已经失去了很多乐趣,我们中国玩家希望,欧洲的服务器可以开放中文,我们想要玩一个完整的宇宙而不是一个私人服务器一样的宇宙。希望CCP,能够开放中文语言,因为中国人已经占据了游戏大部分人数了,日本的玩家总共没几个人的,他们都享受着自己的语言界面,而中国玩家更希望享受到游戏的乐趣,因为语言不通,无法了解EVE的历史,无法了解EVE的故事描述。还有,香港和台湾的玩家,也迫切希望游戏加入繁体中文。
There are about more than 5000 people on line at the same time each day, and many people are going to be in the game, but because of the language problems, many people are intercepted outside the game. China’s EVE servers have lost a lot of fun because of the time zone problem. We Chinese players hope that the European servers can open the Chinese language, and we want to play a complete universe rather than a private server.Hope CCP, can open the Chinese language, because the Chinese have occupied most of the number of games, Japanese players have a total of few people, they enjoy their own language interface, and Chinese players want to enjoy the fun of the game, because the language is not clear, can not understand the history of the EVE, can not understand the EVE reason Description. Besides, players from Hongkong and Taiwan are also eager to join the traditional Chinese games.


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