Congratulations, EVE Online! 40k+ Players Online!

Noticed by Tell32 on r/eve:



Praised be the quarantine for that, i guess.

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Proof that EVE is populated by the poors that can’t work remotely.


“This is your pilot speaking. The weather today is nice and we will fly from X to Y. Also today i and the whole crew work remotely…”


737 MAX Pilot

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I log in a few alts how about you?

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This is the future, my friend.

30k players logged in to get something free.
Big Deal.

We’ve had better free stuff than this without as many log ins.

It’s more than likely the world wide lock down but fingers crossed there’s something else in there too.

actually only 10k pilots the rest are Goon alts all owned by 1000 goon members and all in code or code related activities

The number doesn’t say anything. 40k of what Kind of account? 40k Alphas? Big deal for they only cost and don’t generate revenue. I would really like to see the numbers that are reported to Pearl Abyss. The Logins … well … hurray … big deal. No Information contained.

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I’d be interested to see how many of those are unique players. CCP’s crusade to screw solo PvE players is an obvious attempt to push people to buy more alt accounts. That’s fine for a while, but eventually folks won’t want to keep increasing their own costs while CCP keeps wrecking the efficiency of each individual account.


Hahaha, CCP listened for years to cearbears and nerfed ganking, wardecs, awoxing, highsec aggression, etc for the promise of floods of new cearbears who whould be attracted by this more boring game. All the PCU ever did in response, repeatedly every time is tank heavily.

And now that they nerf the s*t out of the carebears to end the stupid, boring farming and make the game more interesting again, it suddenly spikes back up.

James 315 was right all this years. Now we have the prove in numbers.

Feel free to tell us how this is not related and just pure coincidence. :joy: No one cares and believes you anymore. That signal was clear and this will hopefully continue in the same direction.

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Praise James!!


Solo pve content like mining? Or emergent conduits? :thinking:

I can’t wait to see what the inflation rate does. We are already seeing a price collapse where I live, eventually followed by a giant spike in cost I imagine since population loss will occur. Streets are a little emptier all the time and I don’t even live in a quarantine zone.

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Good numbers, but still not close to what was seen 11 or 12 years ago.

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11 or 12 years ago there was a hell of a lot less competition for people’s leisure time.

Come back when it reaches the old 63,170 concurrent player count