How many alts are there in relation to the number of online players?

Is there some form or statistic that lets you know how many of the players that are online are alts or multiboxing accounts? if for example there are 30,000 players online, how many of them would be alts or multiboxing acc?

CCP would NEVER reveal that information… it would be so damning… so many players would lose interest in EVE if they realized how few unique players were actually playing :grimacing:

(Nor would there be a way to accurately capture this: Same email address/IP doesn’t necessarily mean same person)


CCP did release data regarding how many accounts (per email address?) there were.

I can only speak for myself, but I do often run two accounts at the same time.

I believe they have at a very crude level of granularity, yes, but if they get too specific, the game becomes unattractive.

The data they released showed single accounts were the largest bracket, though not a majority.
I wish I could find the post but it’s buried under a couple of years of stuff.

Oh yeah, I remember the graph you’re talking about. That graph doesn’t correspond to activity levels though. Having 100 skillfarming accounts would still have very low activity levels since the accounts would rarely be logged in, for example.

I thought i read somewhere that the average real player has 1 or two alts…

That’s very true but we don’t have the data CCP has so we can only guess. I would think that multiple PI/skill farm alts would shift the statistics to fewer alts online at any time.

It also looks like I misremembered the graph:

(from )

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i play with just one char
i have one alt but she is minmatar and i keep her in a cage
close to 0 skills but her mouth is deadly

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One account can have 3 characters, this is what I have.

anything else that nobody really knew?? Kinda obvious that we all can have at least 3 characters on one account… But i think in this instance OP is talking about Alts on different accounts…Wanna get technical i have two accounts and 4 characters total.

This is really old info, but I remember CCP confirming a long time ago that it was right around 1.5 accounts per person (outliers removed). I would imagine that figure has increased today, but not by that much, if you discount the PI and skill-farming outliers.

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accounts… ya know, more than what you have… you have 1 account… where as the average player has 1.5 ACCOUNTS… meaning 4 characters total possibly like I have…

I have 56 accounts.



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lol you are right for one moment i read like 15 alts/person