Game settings lost after changing launcher

After a game client update my client start to give a lot of troubles and then i tried to change the linux native launcher by the windows launcher run with wine-hq wine.
Now the game runs fine for me again but i have lost all the user configuration in all my chars. Where are stored the configuration files in the linux launcher install and where should i put them for a full wine install?

The game client is for windows and Mac. So it sounds to me like you should be asking in the Wine Forums.


I think OP is looking for:

This ~might~ be the destination: ~/.wine/drive_c/users/username/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility

As for the from under a linux install I haven’t run that version of client for years. It might just me a different hidden file under user home. Press ctrl-h to see hidden files/folders in at least some file managers. Otherwise another helpful user will have to chime in.

Don’t forget the little eve symbol on the top right of the launcher. Under there is a Client Settings drop down that can aid in moving profiles around. The original might be in there; just isn’t being used due to new install defaulting to new everything.

I really wish we could do more community moderation in these forums. taca made the great leap to simple wine install and everything was fine except missing settings. Then Moonlit comes along and feels compelled to express his superior knowledge of a windows client and a bastardized mac client and says to ask in a wine forum. FFS…this is the linux forum…and all the linux and mac executables are using wine. Upstream wine doesn’t give two craps about the file locations. This is exactly the correct place to be asking this question.

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