[FIXED] Could not save user data

Since the new EVE Launcher was introduced, I’ve been experiencing the same issue @Kazella reported back in the day with my native installation on Wine:

That is, whenever I log in or start the client, I get the following error:


Since I can still log in and the client does indeed start, I haven’t given it much importance, but I’d still want to get rid of it. According to CCP, this is usually caused by the following folder not having the right permissions:


, but even after double checking it, and even deleting it and recreating it from scratch, nothing has changed. Neither with Wine 4.2, nor 4.3 or 4.4.

Is anyone else having the same issue, or has figured out how to solve it?

Im getting this on Windows now for the last 3 days, can still log in but do get the same message as yourself. No idea what causes it, I cant make head or tail of the log it tells me to see.
Hope someone comes along with an idea of the cause and a fix.

I have this too

Fixed at last :slight_smile:

I updated Wine to the new 4.14 development release more or less at the same time a new version of the launcher was rolled out, so I’m not sure which of them did the trick. But, either way, I get that error no more.

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