Eve Launcher: Error Could not save user data, which indicates storage may be corrupt?

I keep getting this error every time I launch an account. Any idea how to fix it? Ive messed with windows permissions and asked a few other people, but havent been able to resolve it.

Getting it too. can log in to Sisi but not Tranq. don’t see a way to validate local files in launcher… maybe that needs to be a thing?
I had forgotten to log off last night and got booted by the cluster shutdown so my clients were still running on Tranq when/if any launcher/client updates hit overnight… I’m thinking that’s my problem, but I can’t do any sort of ‘check files’ that I can see.

I solved the problem on my end - there was still a CCP ExeFile running in my Windows 10 Task Manager. After I killed that process and restarted the launcher, I was able to log in

I was able to fix this bug after I cleared temp folder. %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\

does not help me

Just got this one myself.

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