Launcher will not launch

Haven’t logged in for about 2-3 days… when I click on the desktop icon … nothing happens. Thought a restart of my system would help. No.

I even right clicked on the exe and tried to run it as admin.

I googled some and they said to remove some cache data… but I fear those links are old as the folders they said to delete to not exist for me.

Any suggestions?

Clicking the EVE Launcher icon fails to launch the EVE Launcher?

I wish people would stop doing this, running in an elevated context can really screw with things, if the exe needed elevation the UAC prompt would spawn telling you so.

Probably everything prior to 2024 regarding the launcher will be wrong due to the new one having a very different architecture to the old.

If the EVE Launcher is doing something suspect on startup, it will be in the Event Viewer.

Hit Start. Type ‘Event’ and ‘Event Viewer’ will show up. Go to the folder ‘Windows Logs’ then ‘Application’. Look for the Yellow Warning and Red Error messages.

Not sure where the logs are on the new eve launcher, I am on a Mac and my Windows gaming rig is in pieces after a dalliance with Eve on Linux a few weeks ago.

Did you ever figure this out? Having the same issue right now.

Edit: Took a few launcher reinstalls but it is working again.

I am running Linux and with the recent 1.3.3 upgraded revision, I was getting an error on launch. I went to the folder where my Eve game files are stored and simply deleted the folder containing that version. Then the program fell back to 1.3.2 or 1.3.1 and it repaired itself by installing the 1.3.3 revision.

Link to my thread here.

I won’t promise that will fix the launcher, just easier to delete one aspect than to reinstall the whole game.

Fly safe o7

Sorry… just getting back to this… yes… clicking the Launcher icon does nothing. I logged in fine for a few days… and it happened again this morning.

There were no yellow or red log entries.

The only reason I got any sort of error message at all is due to Wine reporting it. As Linux OS has to run through an overlay process. I am just guessing the Windows OS is attempting to run the application and the application is shutting down without reporting any kind of error to Windows.

What I had to do was, look at what file folders was modified on the date and time of the occurrence. I can understand some users are not into playing detective and debugging. You should find a folder containing the current revision of the launcher labeled “app-1.3.3” there are other older copies along with it call “app-1.3.1” and “app-1.3.2”.

In Windows OS, I would recommend pointing a new short cut to the older 1.3.2 revision. I can only suspect this has something to do with the squirrel.exe they added to “maintain the frame work”.

I don’t run the standard Chrome browser and this could be an issue as I notice chrome pak files within the “app-1.3.3” launcher folder. When a programmer get lax, they tend to borrow too much code from sources they don’t fully understand. I don’t understand every aspect of a Chromium game launcher but neither do they. Too many programmers just use modules and plugins to get the job done.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nice back when 8 people could use the Amazon Lumberyard to make an online MMO in weeks instead of years. However fixing code can be an issue, when you are not the one in charge of making the tools. Sorry for getting too preachy.