Eve launcher will not launch game

Running Ubuntu 18.04, had to wipe reinstall so this is a fresh install. Launcher version 1385477.3104. I click the play button next to my username and then it flashes green with the stop button for a few frames then reverts.

Did you set your WINE to run in Windows XP mode?

If this isn’t already your problem then start with reading the error messages of WINE.

This is one of the reasons, why i dont release new launcher scripts anymore. The launchers works (Linux or Windows version) but the game crashes with wine errors and the user can not give an usable error description or look for himself for a solution for his problem. Side long wine logs or other logs are not helpful in this case and we are not a hotline for wine or ccp to solve such problems which are always the same in the most cases. How many times have you in your last posts here recommended, to set wine version to Windows XP? Just one example of this behavior.

If you use a wine installation with the windows launcher or the linux launcher (and if you do so, most will use the ancient wine which is delivered with him first instead using a newer wine as custom version) the problems are always the same.

A sticky in this forum which describes the settings from wine which EVE needs are missing here, but nobody knows, if the reasons are always the same or changes with a newer wine version.

You can usually spot Wine errors if you tick “Run clients with logging” in the settings, and then going through the LogLite output.

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