Launcher runs, but game immediately quits

So I have my launcher working just fine on Ubuntu 18.04. But as soon as I click PLAY NOW, it queues up my account and then a few seconds later I see a black screen as if it’s launching the game and then that screen immediately closes. No errors in my terminal. No idea why it’s failing to launch.

EVE Launcher version 1456645
Wine version wine-3.6 (Ubuntu 3.6-1)

Same here on Arch 5.0.6 with Wine 4.2 (there’s an FAudio issue in 4.3+).

Launcher logs show the following:

"wine: Bad EXE format for C:\\tq\\bin\\exefile.exe.\r"
Process 12623 finished with exit code 193

Looks like someone broke the main exe? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Doesn’t work with CCP’s built-in wine versions either.

Game is still working reasonably well here, the error Yrael Omara posted is the message usually generated when trying to run a 64 bit binary on 32 bit Wine, but that shouldn’t happen as eve is still 32 bit for now. My installation is multilib so theoretically it would still work in that situation.

I still see a too many open files error after a long session, so there something isn’t being freed up correctly, this has been ongoing since 4.x I just make sure I restart before any major endeavors.

Yep, my first thought was whether they’d sneaked in a change over to a 64-bit main executable but that’s clearly not the case and, like you, I have a multilib setup, so this error message is pretty mysterious.

EDIT: Looks like the update had corrupted some files (including the main .exe) - running an integrity check on the shared cache fixed it and now I can log in to station spin another day :slight_smile:

Same issue here. Here’s my log:

Fresh install of Arch linux 5.0.6 and wine 4.7
Downloaded binaries and unpacked.

The launcher works fine but the client never loads. I don’t get a client window at all. Just a quick blink of loading then nothing. The client doesn’t even start from what I can see. There are no items that show up in the Activity Monitor (xfce).

I have also verified the files. None were corrupt but there were several that were deleted. ~2000 files. and when I restarted the launcher it had to download some again. The behavior continues after that.

I created a new wine prefix and did a proper install of eve there. Had to install libgl stuff and now the launcher works there but the same issue is occurring. There is a small difference that I hadn’t noticed: the launcher will display a message that the client unexpectedly quit. But there is no logging when this happens.

When using the shell script and using client logging when the crash occurs there are 4 items that show:

Seems I was missing libgl and ldap stuff
Installed the following modules from arch packages were installed:

All is working.

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