Games are not a movie or a social media platform

Hello, some companies seem to treat their game as if its a movie or a social media.

In the case of treating it like a movie there is a strong emphasis on cut scenes and non skippable dialogue. They want the player to spectate.

When it comes to treating the game like social media they try to generate logins with havoc. Dispute and controversial change and so on.

But either does not seem to work well for games.

Imo a game should have easy to understand rules that don’t change and a game environment should be highly intractable which is not the same thing.

I recently watched and reexperienced a Duke Nukem 3D playthrough which is a game where you can walk up to the stripper and give it some money. Lamps, computer screens, toilets, you name it, can be destroyed. Its not part of the story and it doesn’t progress you, but its still fun. The cut scenes are usually at the end of each episode and short and to the point. They are a reward and not an obstacle.
Any dialogue was also kept to an absolute minimum and unfolds as you play. This is the way. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Sorry but totally limited view.

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Im not sure what you mean

Did you watch the movie "a beautiful mind"with Russle Crow in the main role?

I am a little creeped out you will mention that since its not a well known movie afaik and i just watched it recently for the first time. But didnt watch it all. Do go on :slight_smile:

Well out of curiosity did you try out to make an indie game that perfectly fits your idea of what games should be?

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Unskippable “movies” in games can often times be a loading portion cover up.

I know with some wow raids you had 2 choices.

Watch the cutscene for 2 minutes.

Skip and dump out of the cutscenes and sit in now dead boss room for 2 minutes anyway till the game let raid crew move on.

Why are you back with this nonsense?

IMO different games should have different levels of difficulty. No one wants to play Hello Kitty Island Adventure till theyre 86 years old.

Nothing wrong with differing levels of difficulty. Why do you think Dark Souls became so popular.

Didnt Duke Nukem Forever get received terribly though?

Is that the sort of game you like? I finally understand why you struggle with EVE.

I couldnt do that to CCP :slight_smile:

Sorry but american capitalism kills softies, soviet communism works them to death, chinese socio capitalism exploits them throuigh sweatshops, european capitalistic socialism pittifully wellfares them as arbitrary bureocratic number and so on. I can honestly now tell eve is not a game for you and you are not to succede economically in the future.

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