This is my ten foot pole

Meh. I edited my original post.

I sometimes promote free stuff (like when Subnautica was free on the Epic Store) because I think other people would like to hear about things like that. In this case, however, there is a fair amount of legitimate concern involving the company in question.

Now, I am not sure what’s the truth of the matter, and I’m certainly not judging anyone, but I don’t feel comfortable promoting the product or company any more.



That company enables the sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking.

Your intentions were good, Shipwreck, but that company is terrible.

so…how much of it do you watch, Xuxe? You can tell us. No judgement.

If the train with the containers which is loading on the ship is longer than the ship capacity, it would make it wreck, at least in one way, if not 2 ships.

Wow, I did not know about that. I looked it up, and it looks like it’s not Pubhorn per se, but that there are at least a few bad actors uploading stuff. Pubhorn says that they’re taking reasonable action to combat abusive videos, while others say that they’re not. I’m not sure what’s the truth of the matter, but I suddenly wish I had my ten foot pole with me.

Anyway, I had pretty much assumed that aside from some revenge porn, the exploitative and abusive stuff was relegated to the dark web. But I’m now starting to question that after reading a few articles on the subject. And I’m wondering if there is anywhere I can get my pron that I can be reasonably sure that they’ve taken every reasonable precaution to make sure that no one involved is being abused.

Anyway, thanks for ruining pron for me. You should co-host Adam Ruins Everything.

Sorry man…but wouldn’t you rather know? Don’t fret, there’s probably a doggingfurries. c om site or something out there… :wink:

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That site is like any other, like you tube or facebook when it comes to responsibilities or enabling. The content that is not allowed will be removed. Feel free to report.

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