GameTheory 🌱 Grow big and strong


GameTheory is an alliance based on teamwork, autonomy of corporations, and unique personal and group growth opportunities. We provide scaffolds rather than directives, and build players into personal empires rather than the other way around.

Here is just some of what we have to offer:

  • Sov holding alliance with ample space to grow
  • Curated PVP ops of all scales (small to big)
  • Full ship replacement program on ops
  • Custom web services with very unique features
  • Automated buybacks and many other services
  • Active discord community
  • Paid mercenary work from time to time
  • Excellent leaders and mentors looking to invest in you
  • Way more than can be listed here…

Stop by our discord to chat about recruitment, or visit our website to learn more about the organization, and how we can help you grow big and strong.


Recruiting corps and individuals

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We’re really nice and like new people.

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Which company do I apply to?



I’ve been having a great time flying with these guys for months.

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We drink milk

Bump to gain a member or two

Come plant your seed daddy



She bumps

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