Gank boats

Out of general interest, what are the best cheap T1 suicide gank ships? Specially Caldari ships against Retrievers in high sec?

I am not a ganker really, Somehow I morally always feel bad for the sucker the times that I did it (in a Corax). I am curious though what could destroy a Retriever before Concord arrives in high sec space to pod you.

Catalyst is the miner-ganking ship of choice.

Thats a Gallente ship though. The Corax is the Caldari version, but I don’t see that podding a retriever in under 15 seconds. It probably needs to do 3 or 4 missle volley’s, that takes more than 15 seconds. I doubt that the Caracal can apply the dps quick enough either, but who knows.

There’s a reason you don’t see anyone ganking miners in Caldari ships. The Cormorant is the Caldari version of the Catalyst, not the Corax. Missile boats are too slow. The Catalyst is fast, cheap DPS. Also, Concord does not pod you.

Amongs the cheapest, Thrasher, Catalyst, Coercer only.

If for some reason you want to use Caldari ships then Cormorant but you will basically need at least 1 more than you would need catalysts which will not make it cheap in the end. But doable, 3x t1 cormorant should be able to kill retriever in 0.6 (if untanked) or 0.5. But since it is just destroyer, ship you can train in 1day and you don’t need to skill it to lvl 5 because Catalyst doesn’t have bonuses to dmg you only need lvl 3, there is really no point using Cormorant.

Not sure about Coercer cost but Thrasher is cheapest. However, thrasher is not exactly best choice for ganking miners, thrasher is good on gate against small ships or industrials.

t1 Thrasher comes at 1.5milion, t1 catalyst 3m (because rigs are expensive), t2 catalyst around 13mil

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