Ganking Catalyst In Low Sec?

Fully fit Velators with T2 neutrons and T2 drones do about 60 dps. A jump freighter on a good day has 500k EHP. Each Velator costs 2 million in equipment plus Void S ammo for days.
This is about 0.000015 DPS/ISK, accorfing to mental math which I could have done wrong. Assuming you have to kill the freighter in 2 minutes before help arrives you need 250k DPM, or about 4.5k DPS (being conservative). This takes an absurd 75 Velators, costing 150m in fitting.

If you use the free one, getting two guns because you’re cool, you can pump out a whopping 18 dps. At this rate, you need 500 Velators! That’s a lotta dudes. I really wanna run a mega velator fleet now XD.

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Me too🤭

Now and then we do high value cargo runs. In a fleet of T1 haulers all tanked and fit for combat about 1/3 are empty so the chances of the cargo getting past any hot spots are increased.

We have a mix of ew on them with tracking disruptors, jammers, etc. And what ever guns people can fit. After the cargo run time permitting we look out for any nice kr on the way back.

Found a kill right in a battle cruiser sitting at a gate, activated it but it turned out to be a bug, so annoying.

People seem to get particularly annoyed when they lose a ship to newish players in t1 ship

Tell that to Dwarf Fortress players, who have their own dedicated Wiki entry for fun.

This is toxic and unwelcome in the community. Either improve so you can avoid PVP engagements or win them, or please find another game better suited to your interests.

Some of us are capable of having Type 2 fun. Just because you can’t and don’t tolerate it, doesn’t mean your oppression should be welcomed under false civil pretenses as you make outright insults.

The sign of a good commander, giving away all her secrets

No such thing, they are alts, just like you were mine

Oh yes I forgot I became self-aware and was once your alt


If the target doesn’t die very quickly then passive shield refresh comes into play.

This is a good point, but if you are slow enough that a freighter can passive shield tank you in any regard you are too slow and will simply get dropped on by someone else. That is why I put the 2-minute timer on there.

Rhea has 4800shield regen per second.

Wait what really?
That makes things a lot harder.

Well thats what it says when I load up Rhea in fitting simulator, try it yourself. Gankers usually don’t have this issue as they are killing it within like 20 seconds, but if the fight is extended 2 minutes, this shield regen will do a lot I suppose.