Ganking has gone too far

(Whitehound) #22

Unless cry posts make you cry do I see no problem. Do you have a problem, or are you saying OP is a liar and you have proof?

(Imustbecomfused) #23

Which is why im glad you all get to keep on ganking… :smiley: nothing is wrong with the mechanics or the gameplay. is working as intended.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #24

Yes, it is.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #25

It is more a “I’m completely uninformed, but won’t somebody think of the children” thread.

(Mortlake) #26

Dear Friends,

I officially request that C&P be renamed to ‘Ganking Complaints’, as this is about all that’s being posted here any more.

Other potential names include ‘QQ’, ‘I are dumb’, ‘I demand justice’, ‘Stop me and buy one’ and ‘Waaahhhmbulance, Stat’.

Just pick one and get it over with, please.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #27

FTFY :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal choice would be The Salt Mine.

(Lfod Shi) #28

All these “No More Ganking” threads are starting to make me support more ganking.

(Ima Wreckyou) #29

I’m just surprised this hasn’t been salvoshed by now.

(Solonius Rex) #30

These are so ridiculous. So much of your post is just so ridiculous. Where to begin?

In terms of isk, sure. But what about in terms of players? Why do you never consider the fact that taking 30 players to kill a single player, takes a massive amount of investment and effort on behalf of those 30 characters? They have to pay for each account, every month. If they pay by plex, they have to earn 45 billion isk a month, or pay SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS to continue to use their accounts. On top of that, they also have to pay an additional 200-300 mill total for all those catalysts.

People on the sidelines are always looking at ganking and saying “Wow, that looks easy, all i need is to buy a single catalyst and join a fleet”. From an individual perspective, sure. Its not much effort. But as a collective, it takes a ton of effort, a ton of investment. Its not 1v1, its 30v1. Lets treat it like that.

Whats the golden rule in EVE? Dont fly what you cant afford to lose. This game is PVP-centric, player versus player, and you consent to PVP when you click “Undock”. The person that just saved up enough for a HAC and loses it on undock, sorry to say, has made a mistake. And like all mistakes in EVE, it was his and his alone. The fault lies in him, and no one else. If they cannot accept that, then this game is not for them.

This game is not for everyone. We all know this. Just like we all know that World of Warcraft is not for everyone. Why are people like you, always so keen on misrepresenting this game like that? Why would you think that this game should be changed to cater to everyone, when you know that such a game has never existed in the history of mankind?

People play, some people find out this game is not to their liking, they leave. Thats true for every single game on this planet.

No, its called a scout and a web alt. This is literally the counter to almost every single gank. It doesnt even have to be different alts, it can be on the same toon. Your Huggin/Rapier alt takes the next gate over. Looks to see if there is a machariel or other Bumper on gate. Jump through to the other side. Look and see if theres a machariel or other bumper. By that time, the fregither has landed on the gate. Take the gate. Web. Warp in 3 seconds. Rinse, repeat.

Literally, the effort of two characters can counter a group of 30. Just take that in for a second. Two chars countering thirty. Two vs thirty and two win. How amazing is that.

The solution already exists. Just because people are lazy or greedy or both, doesnt mean there isnt a solution. Everything in life is a risk assessment. You want to illegally park, which will save you time, and risk getting a ticket? Go right ahead. You want to AFK pilot a freighter with 10 billion worth of goods through uedama and go do the laundry or make dinner? Go ahead. Your choice. But there are no refunds on the road to valhalla.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #31

Whoa got some mad aggro for my opinion but that’s cool. Anyways I also remembered while I was taking a dump that I actually DID get ganked in a tengu what feels like a long long time ago, deserved it too. So whoops on leaving that out lol. Anyways yeah I don’t really think either gank I’ve suffered was unfair or anything it was a fun experience as is any pvp for me. Just worried about our player base when t1 fitted ships are getting ganked for lols. Yes I have ganked in high sec one time, was a hulk, was funny and profitless, didn’t take that much enjoyment as to do it again though. You can let the thread die now it’s not really a thing I see my post changing, and like I said not sure if it even needs a change. Gonna avoid eve forums cause tbh it’s gotten way too hostile. Back to in game to leave the decisions to ccp and the super edumacated eve lords of the forums o7

(DrysonBennington) #32

Why do you complain about other players being able to afford ships and injectors when its obvious that you are not able too?

(DrysonBennington) #33

You will always get mad aggro from the High Sec gankers because they want to be super wealthy, popular, loved but can’t take the time to run missions, Abyssal sites, explore, etc. They are the instant gratification type of players that can only beat their heads against the brick to make their coin.

(Solonius Rex) #34

Write ridiculous forum post, get ridiculed.

(Solonius Rex) #35

We dont do this to be wealthy, although we are popular and loved, i must admit.

After all, we gank empty freighters. Unlike you, not everything is about ISK for us. We are not greedy.

(Minx Mattel) #36

That is at least true, CODE. is the rockstars of HiSec!

(Aeliyah Thor) #37

Hmm. There is too few people in null-sec so they come to hi-sec instead and kills. What I have problem with is that there is ZERO you can do vs hi-sec gankers. Just nothing you can do. Want to prevent a gank or hunt them down? they dock up. Actually I would say hi-sec ganking is the safest you can do in Eve. Make null-sec more open and not for a select few, maybe more people can join there then.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #38

Yeah, I hate how hard it is to get into nullsec. You apply to Karma fleet, Brave, Test or any of the rest, and they can easily take a whole day to process your application! Intolerable.

And don’t get me started on the tax rates. Suddenly you will realize that 10m for the official CODE. mining permit is a bargain that you won’t find anywhere else.

(Black Pedro) #39

LOL! There is zero you can do against almost anyone in this game! Eve probably only works because players have such large leeway to choose which fights they take to the point ‘blueballing’ is an integral part of the vocabulary of the game. Highsec isn’t any different than anywhere else in the game where people will dock up, or not undock, if they judge the odds not in thier favour.

At least highsec gankers unlike the random lowsec or WH pirates, or nullsec roamers, operate in just a handful of systems. I’m pretty sure there is plenty you can do to make their lives difficult if you really wanted to.

(Solonius Rex) #40

Uh, tank up or use dscan or keep alert?

Thats how you prevent a gank.

Conveniently, all of this is included in The Code.

Otherwise, if you want to afk, if you want yeild over tank, if you want to break the code, you will die. No effort, no ship.

(Ima Wreckyou) #41

You are wrong! Mining permits are only 10mil ISK per year and following the Code is easy. Give it a try citizen.