Ganking has gone too far

(Knowledgeminer) #999

OK, replace “you” with “they” in everything I said then. Doesn’t change the slightest the fact that what you said about the issue is wrong, though…

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #1000

i’m flying freighters, still no traces of such losses on my freighter alt kb. Some are dumber than others.

(Black Pedro) #1001

I said hardly any as compared to before.

I just counted now and I got 46% ganks. Last time I remember trying this like two years ago I remember it was like 66%-75% ganks, with most of the rest being wars, and then like 5-10% other ways people lost a freighter in highsec, likely kill rights or some other way they went suspect. Now, this “other” category seems much larger, and are probably the kills you are confusing with real suicide ganks, as a fraction of the freighter losses in highsec, at least in the small sample size of the last 50 kills on the first page of zKill.

But the fact remains that of the bona fide ganks, none of them were empty, and the average cargo was in the multi-billions of ISK (aside from the double plastic wrapped ones). Ganking empty freighters is not an issue.

(Clockwork Robot) #1002

At some point, you will realize you’re wasting your time, broham. Like I did.

Took a while, but I got there. You will too.

(Tater-nuts) #1003

Wrong attitude dude! I fly courier contracts to help support my pvp activities. Mostly fly freighter with very high collateral and haven’t been ganked in 5 years, completing thousands of contracts. No scouts, no webs. Last weekend I took 3 Sotiyos and 8 Fortizars through Uedama, easy peazy. Flying couriers is not as risky as everyone says and ganks are not out of control by any means. Ganking just culls the stupid. You must understand CODE are lazy and pretty stupid themselves. You just have to be a little smarter than they are and you’ll be fine. :wink:

(Daichi Yamato) #1004

You’re not entitled to get to and from Jita.

And no one is entitled to camp systems. They are putting serious amounts of effort and resources into it.

Eve is a pvp game at all times in all areas. If jita is too hard for you to reach, you can sell your stuff else where. Check your entitlement.

Welcome to the sandbox.

(Solstice Projekt) #1005

Can you imagine how bad this whole carebear situation will be in five to ten years?

(Kuba Ganowski) #1006

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(zen-vexor01 LSG) #1007

And then what did they paid with their monthly subscription money ??? Third class ticket ???

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #1008

Hmmmm, new meat for the Freighter Friends, yum yum.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #1009

New players don’t have the skills or ISK to fly a freighter. You are just whining because CODE. is dedicated to bringing fun and excitement to all parts of EVE.

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #1010

There is no one to whine in Eve, everybody just left it …

(Elyham) #1011

At this point it does not matter. With the new decision to remove CONCORD things will get better and eventually even out.

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(Daichi Yamato) #1013

Wat? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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(Octavech Raholan) #1015

The CODE. cultists think of themselves as the savior and the ulitmate law of highsec.
In reality they are nothing but cowardly and shallow individuals desiring to make up for their own insecurity by preying on the weak and revelling in sadistic desires of doing so.
I have seen many innocent capsuleers criticize their ways, calling them “bullies” which is a very accurate title.
Yet those sad degenerates of capsuleers just laugh at such accusations, savoring on the sufferings of the victims.
For past few days, I have refused to interact with any of these fascist scums in this forum, for whatever i say they will not listen and will always make fun of it no matter what.
However, ignoring them will only make them stronger, capsuleers must unite to purge their blasphemies.
A good CODE. cultist is not a dead CODE. cultist.
It is a CODE. Cultist with their bodies frozen, floating among stars for all to see and be humiliated for rest of millenia.
This is coming from a non-miner with no SP invested on it and was never ganked.
Even with such backgrounds, i am capable to see their evil and all reasonable capsuleers will be able to do so.
And finally, CODE. is not the law nor justice, just a despicable pretender of it.
And I choose to renounce them not for my victimization, but for their oppression against the weak.

(The Prophit) #1016

o/ All of you have great arguement though some may be taking things a bit more personal. I’m not a fan of ganking but I understand the need for it. The only real issue that annoys me about this topic is that nobody seems to wonder how a Macharial <— Bad spelling, can continuosly ram into a freighter ( 6 times its size ) and recieve no damage at all. If they could somehow work out a fix on that I think that would solve a few issues.

(Dom Arkaral) #1017

3 letters


You’re welcome :joy:

(Jonah Gravenstein) #1018

Because you wouldn’t like realistic bumping physics.

Bumping becomes an exercise in ballistics after a certain point.

Base mass of a Machariel is 94,680,000 kg, a 500MN MWD adds another 50,000,000 kg and a potential velocity of approx 5KM/s. A freighter is basically an box with an engine, a bumping fitted Machariel would punch through it like an armour piercing round through a watermelon.

For reference that’s about 1.5 Nimitz class Aircraft Carriers travelling at more than 14x the speed of sound.

Physics, and Leeloo Dallas, say big badaboom.