Ganking has gone too far

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #979

Didnt you quit because you were outed as a criminal and hunted down like a rabid dog by CODE?

(Lycannis SilvaNegra) #980

I have not been in this game for a long time but I heard that buying a permit will not save you from beeing ganked anyways. Sometimes even by the same agent you paid. A few days ago I found a post in this forum where CODE-Agents are encouraged to gank all Ventures mining in high-sec regardless if the have a permit or not. Especially new players will suffer from that and I doubt that many of them will upgrade to paying players if CODE expands their activities.

(Lycannis SilvaNegra) #981

Yes but how should a Alpha in a mining-barge do that ?

(Aiko Danuja) #982

The alpha in a mining barge does not have to be in a mining barge. There ARE other ships available. I recommend the tanky Punisher! It makes a good tackle!

(Galaxy Pig) #983

It’s true, a permit doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get ganked.

Also, fun fact: A driver’s license doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get a ticket.

Why is this so hard for carebears to wrap their heads around? :thinking:

(Luke Icecon) #984

Triple bulkhead (jump) freighters with no cargo are getting killed in highsec. Yes, it has gone too far when people who fit their ships for tank can’t move around solo in an otherwise empty ship in highsec without having an alt. You cannot in good conscience move around without an exit cyno or webber support, especially in .5/.6 sec.

The killboard is littered with sport kills of empty/tanked freighters because the primary group of multiboxers in CODE and Goons don’t give a damn about isk efficiency.

God help you if you carry even 300M isk in your cargohold.

Until things change, I am courier contracting everything. Can get thousands of contracts done with the isk you’d blow on a JF.

(Black Pedro) #985

No it isn’t:

There’s not a single empty freighter gank kill there, let alone a bulk-headed one. In fact, there’s hardly any ganks at all compared to the past with most being war targets or kill-right scams, and the few ganks there are there mostly have a billion ISK of more of cargo or had something double plastic wrapped.

Sure, it can and has happen, but there’s no massive change in freighter ganking that I can see from the killboards. By all means, give your business to one of the hard working courier companies of New Eden, but let’s not misrepresent the risk of losing an empty freighter in highsec.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #986

If your shield tank is failing,
if your armor tank isn’t holding,
if your hull tank is crumbling,
if you tried PLEX tanking,
if honor tanking didn’t work for you,

perhaps it is time
to get the very best
and try a permit tank
for a safe journey.

(Daichi Yamato) #987

You aren’t entitled to move around high-sec solo.

If a group want to and have the means to shut down systems and kill everything that comes in, they can.

Fly through different systems

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #988

Interesting …

(Daichi Yamato) #989

Have at it.

You have, what? 500 alts? You can try and shut down systems if you want.

That’s the great thing about a player run game. Players can achieve amazing things with enough effort and resources.

(Luke Icecon) #990

That’s just like your opinion man. Yes, let’s do an additional 16 slow jumps in highsec to avoid Uedama. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Gate camps are fair game in nullsec, that’s great, that’s the point. But why should folks be entitled to gatecamp chokepoint highsec systems which affect everyone in the game yet the average joe cannot fly their empty jump freighter in highsec?

It’s sad enough how much collateral I get paid when new players foolishly take one of my courier contracts through Rancer or Tama and get smartbombed. Sure, they gotta learn somehow, but Eve has had these meatgrinder systems in place for a very long time and all they do is chew out new players without a priori knowledge and now we have these meatgrinder systems solidly in highsec because 20-account multiboxers can efficiently and cheaply alpha anything that takes more than 10 seconds to align.

The discussion about sec status safety will never end, but highsec exists for a reason. Maybe you don’t like it that’s fine, and reform is a possibility. Maybe we shouldn’t have highsec or Jita, have everyone use wormholes to move anything around, and everyone buy their fittings locally at 10x markup, whatever. That’s not what this discussion is about. What it’s about is that you have these ships that cannot be fitted or manually piloted to serve their sole purpose of existence. The purpose of JF/Freighters is to move bulky and modestly valuable cargo. Both are presently killed for <1B in cargo regularly. The only available countermeasure for the freighter pilot is an in-system web alt or cyno for JFs.

The facts are:

  • Autopiloting doesn’t even matter, you can’t even tell folks they’ll be fine if they don’t autopilot because it’s so easy to keep a freighter bumped, you probably can’t even sneak by with a 10 sec align Nomad, with inert stabs, and a full Nomad implant set.
  • Bulkhead (or plating) tank does not, in fact, matter, it simply requires gankers to use ten extra ships, which they have on hand. It’s going to cost them between 250-500M extra. Do you think they actually care when even below average freighters have a 1.5-2B load?
  • People running 900k EHP Ark with triple deadspace plating and slaves are on the KB, go look for them, I did. All it did was require a dozen extra taloses, who cares.

The fact is that fitting tank does nothing. Manual piloting does nothing. Implants do nothing.

By all means, cargo fit freighters with 3B+ in loot should be the target of ganks and they are. That’s not what’s happening, what’s happening is that if you have any cargo at all you cannot safely move through highsec.

Empty or “We will kill you for your jump fuel alone” sport kills:

Tank doesn’t matter:

Ok, you guys got me, if you have an empty/triple bulkhead freighter, you may escape showing up on the killboard. Just answer me this, how useful do you find empty 165km3 cargoholds to be?

(Knowledgeminer) #991

You need to simply stop assuming high sec is or should be safe and act accordingly, much like you would in low, just a little easier because it’s a little safer (but again, not safe).

Precisely because you cannot safely fly a freighter or jump freighter solo, you simply shouldn’t do it if you don’t want to risk losing it. That by itself doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with suicide ganking, it just means you need to be aware of it and act accordingly…

(Galaxy Pig) #992

Dude is arguing that an instant teleportation button isn’t enough protection because you need an alt or a friend. :avocado:

(Chinsuko Orlenard) #993

I was curious and clicked your link. I was extra amused when you said there were “hardly any ganks at all compared to the past”.

The first page of your link are over 63% Ganks, the next 4 pages are >80% ganks.

So your statement is generally inaccurate ("… hardly any… ") when using the link you provided.

*Going to sit back down with my popcorn now. Just couldn’t resist the data/conclusion error.

(Aiko Danuja) #994

I didn’t read your long post. I don’t know what to say man.

The one part of your post I understood was when you said that these are “sport kills”. Damn right son, we call it fishing. How big was the fish you caught? I enjoy fishing with my new CODE. buddies, and I don’t care if it’s a minnow or an orca, or Noah’s ■■■■■■■ Ark, I’m gonna real that sucker in and eat it.

New players should NOT be in freighters. I was a new player, I am a new player. I’m a ■■■■■■■ noob. Like people tell me I’m a Goon alt, and I just laugh, cuz I got bored of World of Tanks and Starcraft, so I came here rather recently. I’m a ■■■■■■■ German tank destroyer, and I will snipe you, and I’m so sorry about that. I will rush you with zerglings, and I will be totally cool wih that. However, once you are Diamond League, and you’ve got twenty tier X tanks, you get bored.

I like the fact that EVE losses matter, like they permanently affect the game for everyone else. A lot of carebears fled EVE and went to World of Tanks, so that’s how I heard about all this EVE drama. I don’t even know what Goons are. I don’t care. ■■■■ the Delve. It sounds boring. I want to control the high security zone.

Now look, let me repeat, new players should NOT be in freighters. I’m a new player, going on six months now, and I’ve never hauled ■■■■ in a t1 industrial. I had enough sense to feel real fear, when all I was doing was hauling a little bit in a frigate. I once thought about flying a freighter, and then I looked at the price, and I said, “NOPE”. Lol! :rofl:

If you are in a freighter, people are gonna come try to kill you. That is plain and simple to understand. Honestly, wtf is wrong with you carebears? Do you know how often I am told that I am abusing new players? LOL! I am the new player! I’m ganking people with five, six, seven, eight, nine years of experience. These people deserve to die.

I’m bad at this game, Siegfriendo Cohenberg tells me that all the time, but ya’all are worse. Yer like his ■■■■■■■ cat, just crying all the time for attention.


I see you were wondering if CODE. would gank an empty bulkheaded freighter, so tonight we wanted to give you a clear answer: NO PERMIT = NO SHIP. We aren’t doing this for the isk.

(Luke Icecon) #995

Let me read your post back to you in simpler terms:

  • People who gank freighters enjoy it.
  • Any fool can do it.
  • If you choose fly a freighter, you will die.

And you’re are arguing nothing needs to be tweaked. You are the expert, listen to yourself.

(Aiko Danuja) #996

Oh, you won’t die if you get a permit. See? That’s what CCP wants. They want you to negotiate. Get a permit, or die. That’s the law! This is a multiplayer game, and you freighter pilots that don’t have any friends, you are clearly gonna need to negotiate. You wanna fly a freighter? You better have a fleet to defend it. You better ask for PERMISSION, before you trespass into Uedama or Niarja. Maybe you should consider taking a safer route, rather than blindly plowing ahead into an 0.5 security system?

Better train Social Skills V!

I don’t believe it’s an accident, that freighters and Gilas and retrievers are blowing up left and right. That’s what CCP wants. They want you to die. I am doing exactly what I’m supposed to do. I’m killing the stupidest most anti-social miners, and I enjoy it.

WARNING: It is illegal to mine in a high security zone, without a valid permit.


Pretend for a moment that I’m a Somali warlord, and I’ve got a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. And you are the captain of an oil tanker, who wants to take a shortcut off the coast of Yemen. Do you wanna try? I’ll see you there buddy. :laughing:

(Knowledgeminer) #997

Actually, that’s part of your problem, you simplify too much, and that makes it much harder for you to understand what’s the problem you (not the game) have:

This is correct. It’s the only thing you’ve got right.

Nope, not the way you’ve stated it. Any fool can do it together with someone else that’s not a fool. See where you simplified it so much that you’re totally not getting it? No fool can do it alone, just like nobody should expect to be able to safely fly a freighter alone either…

No, if you choose to fly a freighter alone you will die. See where you simplified it too much again? And did you notice I emphasised the word choose there?

If anything needs to be tweaked it sure is not because you or anyone else cannot handle the frustration of not being able to safely do whatever you want, however you want. It’s you who needs to learn to properly handle that frustration and deal with it instead of pretending that the game should be changed so you don’t have to…

(Luke Icecon) #998

Don’t make this about me, because it’s not about me, it’s about anyone dumb enough to use a freighter in highsec. And that is a demographic that does not include me.