Ganking in high sec - basic basics of this career

I was just going to say ganking in high sec is not a career its an exploit. I get some situations one person should be able to kill another person but exploiting the alt system and delaying concord and general small ship vs battleship/capital ship imbalance is a problem. If I can’t do anything to small ship the small should should not be able do much to me.

look at code, they are exploiting, by drawing away concord.

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You already got this answered in the thread you made.

  1. It ain’t an exploit
  2. CCP said it ain’t one
  3. Cry moar :smiley:

Also yes, a large number of small ships can merk a single large one. Welcome to reality bruv :smiley:


Lies, show me where they say it is not an exploit, show me, instead of talking about it, show it.

Here is my proof

Committing a criminal act and delaying CONCORD response for an extended period.

Commonly involves leaving empty ships or drones in space that CONCORD focuses on before dealing with the attacker. This exploit is not limited to drones or ships and applies to any item or method which might be used to delay CONCORD.

It is also considered an exploit to commit a criminal act and prevent ship loss to CONCORD by any means.

Don’t feel bad, even the CCP GMs get confused about the concord pulling rules.

As of 12/01/2021 from a GM 'pulling’ CONCORD or defensive spawning of CONCORD is currently permitted

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A guy already posted the link. Please read it :smiley:

Your tears will be delicious btw :smiley:

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And the ignorance adds a lovely sweet irony flavour.

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Sociopathic words.

What’s wrong with sociopaths? Are you prejudiced against them?

Not really. I just find great joy in the fact that you’ve been wrong from the jump, then got proof of it :smiley:

that makes absolutely no sense, seems the comment hit too close to the mark for you.

Not really :smiley:

Again what makes you qualified to be able to make that diagnosis?

Also, yes, you got proved wrong. At least take the L like a real capsuleer LOL.

Oh you forum trolls really just keep talking when you lose don’t you?

The Final wording was it isn’t an Exploit. It’s really in a gray area and in the most simple form and way I can decribe how pulling works is basically your anime logic.

Someone plays decoy and runs off with the guards while everyone through the gate. No different from a Skyrim NPC Guard you shoot in the head with an arrow and he’s looking around for you. Once he can’t find you, he returns to his post going “Prob just the wind…” Even through you know good well in the real world that wouldn’t of worked.

Ah yes, I love how you throw around fallacies but then engage in ad hominem when you fail :smiley:

You were proven wrong. At least have the dignity to take it well.

Only in invested gankers who wont come to low and show me what they are made of.

Which system?

Uh. I’ve lived most of my EVE career in low. And I’m not a ganker LOL.

You can’t use a locator agent?