Garry's Great Abyssal Guide: solved ships & fits to run L5 abyssal sites!

(erg cz) #62

No. Everyone, including NPC, get a resistance hole in that type of resists.

(Blood Ravager) #63

Well I tried today with my omen. Did room one but in room 2 there was a medium drone that did very high dps. I popped XD

What fit did you use on your Omen?

(Kyle McDank) #64

Thanks a lot man! Really helped me out! I made 120m on a T5 filament

(Gorn Sasen) #65

So, they are dealing OMI damage then?

(Nora Maldoran) #66

No. Only Drifters do that.
As posted before, look at this for damage profiles:

Keep your distance from them. As far as I know the medium sized drones hit like a truck in their optimal, which is between 4-2km. Run away and you should be fine.

(Blood Ravager) #67

Yes after looking at my kill report it seems it was a Grip at very close range that killed me.

“Grips deal 200 DPS or 1000 damage of their type every 5 seconds with BC HP. They have low optimal however.”

So will have to deal with that. My biggest problem then would be not getting webbed.

(Whitehound) #68

Don’t mind me asking, but why did you go for the Deimos and not the Vigilant? The later has no problems with tracking due to its web bonus, it flies faster, it has more DPS, it’s fall-off is a bit longer, and the lack of a rep bonus can be compensated with the three rig slots, which you don’t get on a T2 hull. The price for both ships with the same or similar fit seems to be 1.4b ISKs for each.

What am I missing?

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(Whitehound) #70

Go on. Hit me with your knowledge.

(Arthur Aihaken) #71

The rep bonus alone will make or break a Polarized fit. I would be extremely reluctant to run a Polarized fit for Abyssal space, so kudos to those who are bold enough to do it.

(Whitehound) #72

I’ve looked at it earlier and when you drop the tracking rigs for armor rep rigs then you get about the same reps with the Vigilant as you get with the Deimos, while the webbing bonus makes up hugely for the loss of the tracking rigs. The Deimos has more cap than the Vigilant, but you can replace the cap battery with a cap booster. I have no idea how viable it is, so that’s why I’m asking.

(Arthur Aihaken) #73

You could be right. I’m going to throw both up on Pyfa to see how comparable they are.

@Whitehound Yep, you’re right. You can run an almost cap-stable fit with nearly the same specs by substituting a pair of T1 nano pumps instead. You’ll only need a single 90% web, you can sport a Faction cap booster to offset neuts and it does 100m/s more speed. And the fit costs far less.

I’m not convinced any of the above polarized fits can survive the Trig “death spawn”, though. If you get neuted out by 2-3 Leshaks, without a cap booster I don’t know how you’ll close the distance to eliminate them.

(Garry Caderu) #74

We actually looked at vigilants a bit in working this out, and decided to go with the Deimos for a variety of reasons, but primarily the superior overall rep power. We have a pretty solid vigilant fit for blitzing t4s that I’m pretty sure can be done with cruiser 4s for people without maxed skills. I didn’t put any of our t4 and down fits in this guide because you can actually run t4s with close to anything (they’re fairly easy by comparison to a tier 5) but given this discussion I’m thinking of adding a bunch of cheaper t4-running fits.

Also didn’t make the guide: kiting arty muninn, vagabond (we’re gonna put that one back in later though, just not confident in it yet and a little burnt out on testing), 100mn armor ishtar (never matched the gila), and a newbro vexor for t2 sites.

(Arthur Aihaken) #75

@Garry_Caderu How do you counter the Trig death spawn with that Deimos fit? Don’t the heavy neuts cap you out before you can close distance?

(Eternal Montage) #76

Garry I joined the abyss channel and I must apologize for doubting you. I can see that you guys are legit now. Thank you for this thread and your help with the abyss!

(Spaceship RIding Bear) #78

Scam Guide.

(Imustbecomfused) #79

Nicely written, I enjoyed reading this! I didnt realize you could make THAT much isk from the sites… I ran my second site yesterday, it was the second least difficult. Today, I run a third least difficult. Im running them in a vedmark with a bling tank, cap stable perma single armor rep with some dmg to add. Back to reading now! cheers!

(Imustbecomfused) #80

lol nice

(Micro Schlong) #81

Gila fit worked really nicely, even with faction drones instead of t2

(Bryg Philomena) #82

Gila fit worked great. Abyssals are great to kill time with waiting for a fleet. I should be more mindful of the time limits though. I was bored with that and began to get impatient. I opened up the secret porn folder on my computer, grabbed a bowl, grabbed the sticky and lit up the buddha. Closed my eve client and said going afk. Biggest mistake I ever made.