Garry's Great Abyssal Guide: solved ships & fits to run L5 abyssal sites!

(Bolt Thunderfunk) #83

What’s the income on these things a month in? Are folks still pulling in mad isk? Is 300millish per site still accurate?

(Ildrara) #84

CCP nerfed the drop rate. They can be profitable if you use T1 ammo and only run filaments you find. No where near as profitable as lvl 4 missions though.

(Black Scorpio) #85

Yeah, really “great” fits, until you hit a room with 12 neuting, webbing and scrambling mix of frigs cruisers and a BS. Then bye, bye expensive fit and even more expensive implant set…

and that was a lvl 4

These fits are great brawlers (as was mine) but once you’re neuted you die, period. Nothing really you can do with that slow ass ship. L3’s are fine b/c you don’t encounter said wave, but L4 and above you can encounter it. I guess CCP has been hard at work (or they just didn’t like me… :slight_smile:

This is a warning so you’re not surprised like i was that even though you can tank anything in a cap stable ship with a ton of rep, once that cap is gone, there’s no more … tank…

Perhaps i was just unlucky and the loot/unlucky deaths ratio is worth it, but still quite unpleasant…

(Scratch XIII) #86

This is what I fly to run t4’s easy with mid grade crystals. Will prolly be able to run t5’s with high grades and drugs.

[Phantasm, XV]
‘Page’ Capacitor Flux Coil I
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Tracking Enhancer II
Republic Fleet Tracking Enhancer

Thukker Large Cap Battery
Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster
Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
Gistum A-Type EM Ward Amplifier
Republic Fleet 10MN Afterburner

Heavy Pulse Laser II
Heavy Pulse Laser II
Heavy Pulse Laser II
Auto Targeting System II

Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
Medium Energy Locus Coordinator II

Acolyte II x3

Conflagration M x10
Imperial Navy Multifrequency M x9
Scorch M x6
Imperial Navy Gamma M x9
Imperial Navy Xray M x3
Nanite Repair Paste x119
Imperial Navy Microwave M x3

something else than all the gila’s and sacs

(Zander Exvirus) #87

I have run T5 sites in a 500mil Gila with 100mil worth of implants.

Now I have to kill you.

(Nyssa Delaine) #88

Exactly that. After running some tier 3 sites with a passive shield gila i hopped into the Abyss Channel to crosscheck my fits with some more experienced people. Passive shield worked for me up till tier 4 and most of the Gamma and Exotic tier 5s, up until the tank just wasn’t enough in certain rooms.
I ended up rebuilding Garry’s “turbogila” hoping there is an overall safe-ish fit for even tier 5 abyss.
I wanted to try it out a bit and started with tier 2 and 3s of any kind. Tier 3 Dark Filament is where I came to an end. I had the room with one Drifter Battleship way back and 7 Drifter Cruisers neuting. I managed to get within 30 km of the Battleship before i was neuted down and awaiting my ship- and pod-loss.
If certain rooms happen, the 5 bil gila wont make it, no matter what the post suggests.
I don’t know if it was worth it before, but with the loot changes lately, i’m never making what I invest in ships by running the abyss sites. It’s still fun and I will keep throwing ships in, but profitable…not really if you end up in certain rooms where you already know your ship is lost before even trying.

(Latvinia) #89

Quick question, I’ve only recently returned to EvE after an extended break. While it makes sense to use RLM launchers to kill frigates quickly, the real problem seems to be what happens when you run up against the BB spawns. While you’ll lose some killing speed with HML’s against frigates, it would seem they would make up time in killing anything larger than a frigate. They would also give you a range option. Have they been nerfed so hard over the years that they’re worthless now?

(Mina Sebiestar) #90

Didn’t try HML’s I did use HAM’s on my Gila and was happy with result you get 30km w t2 precision and 16km w t2 brawling missiles that helps burn BS rats,

Pretty sure that Gila was pushing over 1100 dps it melted l4,s without 2nd look at timers didn’t put it thru l5,s if CCP expand on abysmal content I might try it again.

(Metuzalem Hadouken) #91

Yep you are actually pretty damn right with that. The Gila fit in on itself I okeyish/good/very good but what the guide doesn’t mention is how dangerous neuting encounters are. its all about kite kite kite but you cant outkite the cruisers any more, at least not very well. I flying a gila with a faction ab and low-grade snake set, still getting caught, as at some point you won’t have any more room and the cruisers are simply faster. Starving Leshaks are the death of it as they will simply neut you out especially in Fire and partially even in chaotic as your shield booster will have to play it double time. With that Gila fit you will run even in t4 into a situation where one wrong move decides if you make it alive or not. tl;dr the fit is good but the guide omits some very important info and risks and thus is a trap/trash.

(UMEE) #92

For anyone who doesnt want to spend billions of isk on some of these fits, try this CHEAP Ishtar fit for L1-L4 and avoid Darks. Sell L5 filaments for good profit.

I think guys guy’s^ point is you will sooner or later lose your ship in an L4-L5, so might as well fly something cheaper if you care about profit. If you’re all about the PVE challenge then I guess it doesnt matter.

(Jaroslava Khaimov) #93

I’m fairly new what does " HG crystals are MANDATORY" mean?

(Sepheir Sepheron) #94

I fly a 1 bil Gila, no implants, in chaotic. You guys should git gud and maybe stop focusing the battleship in the back when 8 nullcharge drifters are coming to neut you. They’re actually really squishy and when they’re focused I’ve never had more than two actually turn their neuts on in time. As for starving leshaks just sic drones on them and leave neut range. Their neuts have optimal and falloff and their guns turn off at 63. Go a bit closer when one is about to die and sic drones on the next target then leave range again till enough have died so that you can approach safely.

Also carry nanite paste so if you need to overload to tank for a bit you can repair while you’re not taking damage so you can do it again.

(Scipio Artelius) #95

Crystals are implants with shield tanking bonus:

I don’t believe they are compulsory, however there are lots of different approaches to the game. They do help.

(elitatwo) #96

So for the last few days, I have been running filaments on SiSi with an expensive Sacrilege and hg-askleps. All went fine with all the sites until I ran into the hunger games - errm starving vedmak - “your capacitor is empty - and your wallet as well, e2 muahahahahahaha”

Another good to know site for implants are the price tags:

(Jane Vladmir) #97

Spent 8b on this “turbogila” only to get capped out in 5th abyssal site. fml

(Mina Sebiestar) #98

You probably didn’t activate turbo mode,switch is somewhat hidden under the driver instrument cluster.

You should try again.

(Keyreen Wextern) #99

I lost 6b wtih capsule gila due 10 sec INTERNET disconnect Karybdis wave , I already deleted eve for 2 weeks

(Ildrara) #100

Not sure why so many use Gilas. Too many lazy pvers I guess. I use T2 turret ships with a 100% success rate.

I do appreciate all of the gila usage though. I make t2 purgers.

(Yaro) #101

Guys, do I understand correctly, no matter how we fit Gila’s or Sacrilege’s there are spawns wich will definetely kill it ? I am talking about T5 abyss.

(Snape Dieboldmotor) #102

If you have to ask the question you should not be running tier 5 sites. Some are very challenging for sure.