Garuda Linux Gaming Edition

Just want to add some info…:

I dont like Garuda as its way too colorful for my taste, but…

Garuda Gaming Edition runs EVE flawlessly. And I personally had issues with other distros, them being Arch, Deb or OpenSuse… always had to tweak some ■■■■…

Installed Garuda Gaming, installed Lutris, added Steam, added EVE, updates and upgrades ran smooth, wine updated as well, was in EVE in less then 10 minutes after install. No CLI downloads or patches or lookups on other portals on how to do this, how to do that… Nothing! Nada! Niente! Non! Nein!!! Made me smile :slight_smile:

I assume its probably on my end, but with other distros so far I had really long runs to set EVE up and execute it.

@EVE, devs, QAs, Scrums, Fozzie, boss-man-with-red-hair, any1 in Iceland thats listening: for the love of god, offer Linux support, I’m willing to bet my right eyeball and left testicle that there is a market for the environments and it actually allows people to experience something more then the crappy Windows… might even learn something…

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Thanks for sharing.

+1 fired up my laptop for the first time in 60+ days and Garuda updated all the things and ran new hanger spaces and such without issue.

Other than the doofy top bar thing and red/yellow/purple dots on the wrong side of the windows…not too bad an experience overall. 9000x better than a typical Ubuntu or Fedora install. Even nicer than Mint.

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