[GCES] Google CREST/ESI Script 12 series : Now with 100% more ESI errors

Good morning everyone. I’ve merged in the code for the 12 series, so this brings GCES up to version 12b at this point. As always you can find the latest code here: https://github.com/nuadi/googlecrestscript Changes going into this series include:

  • Migrated the getOrdersAdv function to use the ESI /markets/ endpoint. This is the core of the getRegionMarketPrice, getStationMarketPrice, and getOrders functions. It should be a lot faster now since there is no longer a need to lock into a rate limit for ESI. It still locks if you use other CREST functions.
  • The getOrdersAdv function respects the ESI cache time. This should hopefully reduce hitting your quota on UrlFetchApp calls in Google Sheets.
  • Removed the getMarketPriceList function. After talking to CCP, this function has no future with ESI so I’m removing it. It was a mistake to build in the first place, so at this point I have more trouble supporting it then I’d like.

If you want to keep the getMarketPriceList function around, then you are more than welcome to copy it from a previous version. I simply won’t support it any longer.

I am already working on Series 13 and will create a new branch once the code is ready for public consumption. Series 13 includes more informational functions like getStationInfo and getItemInfo to help with the new market orders listing. It will also include the new replacement for getMarketItems which doesn’t quite behave the same way, but is fundamentally better overall.

Fly safe,


Still using an older version of the scripts but it looks like the functions I’m curious about still looks the same.

getAverageDailyOrders and getAverageDailyVolume seems to result in what I would expect for high volume trading items, but for things that is only traded on 1 or two days a month I get huge values.

The fact that the functions add up trades or item for all days and divide with number of days seems ok. But why is days set to number of days in list if it is less than the requested number of days? That way the average is only for the days on which trades took place instead of all the requested days.

Hi, I use your script since 4 months and it worked fine until 10-15 days ago.
I have now a fetchURL issue. The speadsheet notifie me i have exeded my limit for the day .
It hapen almost all the time now, i tried not use the script 2 days and the first time i retry after that i have always this error.
I don’t use other spreadsheet.
Something have changed?
Can you explain me the reason of this problem?
Thanks for your help.

As Salma Sach stated the issue, I’m experiencing the same. It all started around 2 weeks ago and since then it’s nearly impossible to fetch market data as there’s always this strange error called fetchURL. I’ve already researched what that means. It says there were more than 10,000 calls in 24 hours. As I have only ~20 requests per manuel update, I don’t know how it’s possible to exceed 10,000 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I appreciate your work and it was of great help for me until lately. Would be glad if there’s some workaround or solution to the problem.



anyway to get citadel data?


Thanks for a great tool!

For the last two days I’ve been unable pull my complete data set (about 125) items using


It stalls with only the message “loading…” Some items pull but about half do not. I did not change the script in any way. Is this an issue with ESI which is beyond my control?

is a script for the hauling?

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