General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules

I am sure many have like me wanted to play so just clicked accept when the box popped up on login, I saw no you can opt out click here and continue playing, is there an opt out I accept that CCP want to know my details but I found no way to limit the other people who can see whats going on as with many other “please update your permissions” requests I have had over the last few days.

Anyone know if there is an option or is it “accept or dont play”

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Also: Accept or don’t play. Just like you did before. Nothing actually changed for us people, except that everything internet will get worse, but we won’t be noticing that directly anyway.

This is generally not possible and does not change from before implementation of GDPR. If you do not accept the terms, you cannot use the service. GDPR does not change this. What GDPR changes is how service providers need to inform you about the data they collect as well as they need to provide you with means to delete your personal data upon request by you. Deleting your personal data usually means terminating your account for good, not just unsubscribing and not using EVE.


Because CCP is covered by legitimate interest / legal requirements. They need your data to provide you with and manage your EVE Online account.

If they were doing things with your data beyond the scope of what they need to provide you with the requested service (EVE account), like targeted advertising, tracking, or selling your data, then they’d have to ask permission first by explicit opt-in, but alas CCP does none of those things.

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It’s my understanding that forcing people to accept data collection in exchange for a service is prohibited under GDPR and companies can be fined up to 4% of global turnover.
I have no problems letting just CCP have that info, but there should be an option to limit all other from using that without your consent.

Your understanding is wrong in such as that it only applies to data that is not covered by an exemption - legitimate interest is one, legal requirement to hold that data is another. CCP simply can not provide you with an EVE Online account without having personal data about you, the account holder.

The GDPR is fairly easy to read and understand. I’d suggest you read it to clear up your misunderstandings about it.


What all others are you referring to?

No. There are fundamental pieces of personally identifiable information (PII) that the service simply cannot function without. IP address, personal information for account security and ID, etc. They simply cannot NOT have this information.

Their obligation under GDPR is to manage and secure this information differently than in the past in some cases, and they have new obligations to delete and make this information available to you, but yes, they have every right to ask for the information that they require to provide the service on an opt-in basis.

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I though it would be a mistake to post, proved right. I did say I have no problem giving CCP such information as they need to provide the game or content, and if needed to assess my system as they will be raising the recommended min system requirements, thats fine I don’t mind.

What I did question was this,
CCP may disclose your personal data to third party contractors, consultants and suppliers in relation to their work for us. Personal data may for example be disclosed to external parties which provide us with IT services. We may also transfer your contact data to third party social media platforms, who provide us with marketing services.

So in effect you are giving them permission to do just about anything they like under what they “may” share, having looked through many of the requests this week I see 30-40 other people interested in my data from what sites I go too that I had never heard of before, and had no idea they were tracking or what they did with said data.
Anyone who uses the web and looked for something will have no doubt being pestered by add’s all showing what you were looking for days previous, most people use some form of social media and will have seen recently just how much data they harvest and what they then sell on to others, I expect many of you will never think that somewhen in the future when you have insurance for your self in one form or another that information you gave innocently may be then used to exclude you.

I just asked if there was an opt out as I stated I dont mind any information going to CCP.

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If CCP does that without explicit opt-in, then they’re in violation of the GDPR and if they uploaded my data to Facebook or Google in the past, then they can kindly go and ■■■■ themselves. Time to write a petition and loudly complain if necessary.

While that is true, they also detail here that they collect more information than just that and even share it with third party

And they would have to provide an opt-in, not an opt-out.

EDIT: Should have read the rest of the post, I see this has already been brought up.

I’m more concerned that CCP gets sued than about my data.

I disagree. This is a step in the right direction. It does not go far enought however.

It is about time this gets regulated. And I really don’t care if some businesses lose their main revenue stream because their whole business model is based on violating peoples privacy.


I do not see this going into a good direction. When did politicians ever actually care about people? Never. There is zero reason to doubt that this will have lasting negative consequences, simply because no politician on a high level has our good interests at heart.

We will see.

I can see why you would say that and I mostly agree. However in this case I judge it by the actual law which seems to me a reasonable thing.

This may very well just be a economic-war thing targeting some big US corporations which have a habit of ignoring user right completely. But as long as it helps making things better, I’m fine with it.

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