Genocide Of Assassins [CR3ED]

(Legend Bramotieen) #1

We are the Genocide of Assassins a strong Independent corporation that deals with Corporate, Military, and Industry operations. We are a multi-zone, multi-department corporation that builds what we need and sells what we don’t. We strive on teaching our members the ropes of eve so that one day they can be a leader within this corporation. We are always accepting exp. members as well as new ones to train and teach.

Our corps biggest saying is if you put out for the corp the corp will put out for you. we take care of our own and provide for our people. If you wanna join a corp that you know has your back Genocide Of Assassins are the ones for you

☜☆☞Commanding General: Legend Bramotieen
☜☆☞Generals: Zarak Marcellus

Positions: Infantry, Squad Leader, Platoon Commander, Company Commander, 2IC Of Military Wing, Military Wing Commanding General.
Positions: Ore Transporter, Miners, Operations Chief, Program Chief, 2IC Of Industry, Industry Wing Commanding General.
Positions: Station Manager, Transporter, Accountant, Recruiter, Program Chief, Trader, 2IC Of Corporate wing, Corporate Wing Commanding General.

☜☆☞What we want☜☆☞
-Dedication, Loyalty, & Honesty
-Vigilance & Patience
-A kick ass attitude (positive attitude)
-Team players
-The CR3ED must be your main corporation

☜☆☞What we Primarily do☜☆☞
-We do Corporation-Wide: Planetary-interaction, Moon-Mining, Industry, Exploration, and Mining.
-We pool our resources and build our own fleet-ships and fittings.
-We run High, Low, WH and Null sec missions
-We provide Equipment to our Avengers
-We strive to become better

☜☆☞Recruitment Channel☜☆☞

Just a word for our enemy’s if you are not with Genocide of Assassins then you are a enemy of Genocide of Assassins your choice.

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