Merciful Genocide Is Recruiting!

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Who we are:

Merciful Genocide is a well rounded corp full of pilots from many of the different disciplines EvE has to offer. As such we run both PvP and PvE operations.

We belong to FUBAR. Alliance and the Phoenix Federation Coalition, and as such actively participate in small-large scale pvp operations regularly.

On the industry side we have boosters, JF services, and all of the ore/ice you can mine.

Who we are looking for:

We have no skill point requirement, or even knowledge requirement. To put it simply our only true requirements are activity and a desire to learn. We have a strong base of experienced pilots who can help show you the ropes and teach you to become self sufficient.

Join In game channel Merciful Genocide Public

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Great corp, the ceo is a massive power ballad fan however

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